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When I searched on Google by writing, even then the website did not appear anywhere. So do you think that the website which is not currently on Google can be a legit website? When I launched the website, only then did I understand that is a very quickly created website. No favicon has been used on the website. Favicon is what you see with the website in Google search or when your website has been installed in a browser, then in the top, you see an icon with the website, it is called favicon.

A favicon, also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, tab icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon, is a file containing one or more small icons, associated with a particular website or web page.

Usually, all legit websites take care that no small mistake should be made. But most scam websites are prepared in less than 1 day, so some mistake is bound to happen.

Apart from this, when we scroll down the home page, there is a lot of problem with the website’s logo and logo text. So in such a situation, we can say that there is something wrong with the website. Similarly, any company launches its half-finished website a little. And his promotion starts on Facebook. So till now, it seems that is a scam website.

On the contact page of the website, the address is of United States only but the contact number has not been given. In such a situation, how can you talk to its customer support? Yes, on Ardeliami, you will get Sspco liquor from all over the world, but there is no guarantee that it will be delivered to you or not.

The best way to know whether a website is legit or not is to read the website’s reviews but’s reviews are not available at all. But there is another way by which we can know whether is a legit website or not. We will have to know about the website further. What I mean by the website is that we have to know how old the website is and how long it has been since the website was launched.

Domain Registration: 2021-06-19 | 9 months ago

Server Location: (US) the United States

So Ardeliami is an almost 9 months old website which means it has not even been a year since Ardeliami was launched. That is why there is not much information about Ardeliami on Google. So it’s hard to believe a website like Ardeliami. If I were in your place, I would never shop on such a website.

Well, scamadviser has given good score to Ardeliam. Ardeliam got 70 out of 100 which is a good score. But I am also surprised that how scamadviser has given so many points to a 9-month-old website. There is a website named on which a customer has told about the PayPal scam.

Ardeliami reviews

SCAM web site! I tried to purchase a bottle, was redirected to PayPal for checkout, and the resulting receipt from PayPal showed the vendor as (12 Chinese characters) and the item purchased as a hammock, but the $ amount was the same as for the bottle I thought I was purchasing.

Customer Review

So I have got only this review, rest I do not think that anyone would be shopping on this website. In such a situation, you should also be careful and take a decision after thinking carefully. I myself have been a victim of such fraud once. After that I have stopped shopping on the new website. Yes, I do online shopping but only on reputed websites.


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