Are the cabinet, drawer, and locker a door?

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Nowadays Twitter is a battleground. People are asking different types of questions and giving their feedback on them. At first, I was surprised to see both the questions and started wondering what kind of question the user has asked.

The first question I noticed was that the drawer is a door. I wondered what kind of question this is. But only after that did I see another question about whether the cabinet has a door. I could not understand whether these people could not understand the difference between cabinet, drawer, and door.

Would anyone like to answer this too? But when I read the entire debate, I was shocked. People wrote their views openly about it. Yes, some people even trolled the user but I don’t think it makes any difference.

Is a locker a door?

So first of all let us know whether a locker is a door. If there is true blood then there is a huge difference between the locker and the door. Whenever you come into your house or go out of the house, you use the door. But when you have to keep a valuable item like jewelry somewhere, then you need a locker. In such a situation, how can the door and locker be one? Yes, the work of both looks the same, but if we call both doors, then there will be confusion.

By the way locker we do not call the door or handle of the locker but the whole box, so yes we can also call the locker a box. But the word box would also not be correct for the locker. Many of you must have brought it to the bank and seen it. Yes, there is also a door in the locker, by opening which you keep your belongings in the locker.


So the lockers of the bank are like this, there may be many personal lockers in your house which you use. By the way, lockers help us to keep our property safe from thieves.

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Is a drawer a door?

Now let us first understand what is the difference between drawer and drawer. As you know that the drawer is the wooden or iron furniture you use and it will be found in almost everyone’s homes. But locker is a strong device in which you keep such things which are more valuable. You can keep your everyday things in the drawer and you do not have the fear of losing them. Suppose you want to keep more cash at your home, then you will keep it in the locker and not in the drawer. so the drawer is not a door.


In the image above, there is a drawer in which the phone has been installed for charging. So in this way you can use the drawer to keep your everyday things. Now it comes to whether the drawer is a door or a drawer. So the drawer is neither a door nor a locker. Yes, it is similar to the locker but the work of both is different.

Is a cabinet a door?

Now some people believe that both cabinet and cabinet are the same. but it’s not like that. The cabinet is typically bigger and more expensive. And there the drawer is small. Yes, they may look alike, but they are both. But the real question is whether the cabinet is also a door. So the answer is no. Both the cabinet and the door are separate. You can keep the cabinet in the living room and store your clothes and other things in it. But there you can’t store things in the door like a cabinet. So how can the cabinet and the door be the same?

So now you must have understood what is the difference between cabinet, drawer, and locker. See, many of you will not agree with me. But the truth is that there is no relation between cabinet, drawer, and locker. Yes, these three are similar to some extent but still they are different.


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