Aren’t people who don’t speak English deserve a higher salary?

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There are some such places where the local language is spoken more than English. India is also a country where more than one language is spoken. But if we talk about the official language, then every state in India uses its own official language. Although we give respect to our national language, when it comes to jobs, it becomes necessary to speak English. Yes, it is true that speaking English is considered very important in the private sector in India. And the one who can speak English in India is considered a high-status person.

But in a government job, I don’t think that English has so much value. I have also seen some IPS and IAS officers who do not know how to speak in English and talk in their local language or in Hindi. This is a good thing and we should encourage it. Talking in English does not mean that he knows everything. If you ask an American to learn Hindi and tell him that you will get a job only if you speak fluently in Hindi, will he accept it? And in America, even the illiterate speak only in English. So does this mean that he will get a job in India without an interview? Very few people know English in a country like China. There they have made every single software in the Chinese language. They believe that they have no need for English. Even there the coding is done in Chinese language only.

Importance of the English language in India

Nobody uses Google and Facebook in China. Because China has found an alternative. Baidu is the most used search engine in China. So I don’t think there is any connection between English and salary. Yes, if you do deals with people from other countries and you want to talk to them, then you must have knowledge of the English language. For example, suppose your company’s clients are from the US and Australia. So if you want to talk to them then you have to do it in English only. They do not know Hindi. And you can’t even speak to them to learn Hindi.

English is still considered a great language in India as compared to other languages. People prefer to teach their children not in government schools but in private schools so that they can speak fluent English. We have to put an end to this practice. But unless the condition of government schools improves, a country like India cannot improve. India is the biggest economy in the world. But still, there is a difference between land and sky in the salary of a laborer and a clerk. India cannot improve until this affront is not put to an end.