Hide OnlyFans transactions from Credit and Debit cards statements

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If you use OnlyFans and want to hide your payment details then yes you can. On the internet, you will find many such articles in which you will be told how you can find your spouse’s OnlyFans account. But today I will tell you how you can hide your OnlyFans account. And after the tricks that I am going to tell you, no one can find your OnlyFans account.

First, let me tell you that there are two types of accounts on OnlyFans and I will tell you about both accounts.

  • Creators Account (Star Account)
  • Fans Account (Users Account)

First of all, let’s find out about the Creators Account. A creator’s Account is the account to which you upload content and you are called a creator. If you have created a creator account on OnlyFans and you do not want your spouse to know about it, then yes you can.

On behalf of OnlyFans, the payment to the creators is transferred every week to their bank account. In such a situation, one can find out by looking at your bank statement that the payment you are getting is being received from OnlyFans.

See, you also know that it is impossible to delete any transaction from the bank statement. So if you want to hide your OnlyFans account then you should open a new account in a new bank. You do not have to tell anyone about this account. If no one knows about that bank, then no one will be able to check your bank statement. And you can easily hide it.

How does the OnlyFans transaction appear on my Bank Statement?

Many people are not even aware that under what name the transaction of OnlyFans appears in the bank statement. In the image, you will be seeing the name of OnlyFans. Similarly, you will see the name of OnlyFans in your credit card statement as well.

OnlyFans Bank Statement

So you can see that the transaction of OnlyFans appears in the name of OnlyFans in the bank statement. So anyone can find out by looking at your bank statement. So the only option you have is to open a new bank account and use it in a secret way.

Hide OnlyFans transactions from Credit card

If you have created a fans account on OnlyFans and you do not want your wife or husband to know about it, then I am going to tell you some ways by which you can hide it. Whenever you create a new fans account on OnlyFans, you have to submit one of your ID and credit card details. You cannot create a Fans account without payment details. By the way, this is also true because OnlyFans is not free and if the payment details are not submitted then many scammers will create an account here.

No transaction can be deleted even with a credit card. But you can apply for a new virtual credit card just like a new bank account. And you can apply for a virtual credit card online. And you will get this card easily. Millions of people use this card on OnlyFans. You do not have to tell anyone about the virtual credit card. In this way, if your spouse checks your credit card statement, he will not know about OnlyFans. You can also use this virtual card on other dating websites such as Tinder.

How to apply for a virtual credit card online?

Only 3 banks offer virtual credit cards in the USA. Yes, some financial companies also issue credit cards. But today we will tell only about banks.

  • Citibank
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One

These are the three banks that can issue you a virtual credit card.

Virtual Cards

By the way, many people are using Privacy Virtual Card on OnlyFans, so I will also recommend you Privacy Virtual Credit Card. You also get a free plan in Privacy, so you can use it.

List Of Best Virtual Credit Cards



Wise Virtual Credit Card

US Unlocked



You can apply for any of these virtual credit cards. But it’s not like your spouse can catch you only with your credit card statement.

I am going to tell you about some such ways by which anyone can find out about your OnlyFans account. Yes, people can also find you by your name, phone number, and email.

Find someone on OnlyFans with an email

Someone can also find you through your email account. If your spouse has your email and can check your emails, then you should be alert. If he forgets the password from your emails on OnlyFans, then he can come to know about it. That’s why you should create an account on OnlyFans with an email that no one knows about except you. I think you should create an email on Yandex.

Forgot Password

Most people use Gmail or yahoo mails which are very easy to find out about. That’s why I would advise you to use Yandex or any other mail.

There are also some online tools that claim that you can find any OnlyFans account there. By the way, these tools do not work 100%. But still, you should be careful. I am telling you about the tools below, you can search by entering your name yourself. That will give you an idea of whether your name is being shown there or not.

Social Catfish

Only Search


On Social Catfish, you can search anyone by his name, mobile number, email, or location. There is no doubt that Social Catfish is a good tool. This tool has been specially created for dating websites like Tinder. Anyway, OnlyFans is a secure website and does not share the data of its fans with anyone. So in this case you do not need to panic.

Social Catfish

If you take care of yourself then no one will be able to find your OnlyFans account even on Social Catfish. You don’t have to use your real name on OnlyFans. Instead, you can use Fan ID or any other nickname. You don’t even have to use your profile picture.