How much commission does OnlyFans take from Tips and PPV?

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There are many ways through which you can earn money on OnlyFans. If your fans like your content, they can send you a tip. When you put at least 5 posts on your new OnlyFans account, your tip option gets enabled. This means now your fans can send you Tips. Fans can also send you Tips from your profile page, but most users send Tips to a creator only when they like a video or image. Tips option is available in your post.

How much does OnlyFans take from tips?

As you also know that OnlyFans takes some commission on your earnings. If you have kept your subscription fee of $10 and a Fan subscribes to your account, then you will earn $10. But you will not get the full $10 transferred to your bank account. OnlyFans will keep its cut in it, and after that, the money left will be transferred to your bank account.

But do you know that along with the subscription, OnlyFans also takes a commission on your tips? Yes, no matter which way you earn money on OnlyFans, OnlyFans will definitely take 20% of your charges. So yes we can say that OnlyFans charges a 20% commission on Tips. I know that a 20% commission is very high. OnlyFans takes 20% of your earnings and after that, you also have to pay tax to the government. Overall you get only about 50% of the money.

That’s why nowadays many OnlyFans creators are creating accounts on other websites as well. If we talk about the competitors of OnlyFans in 2022, then there are only two major competitors of OnlyFans.



Very few of you would know about these two websites. Right now both these websites are not very popular but gradually the popularity of both websites is increasing. This is also because both websites are charging very less commission than OnlyFans. Due to this, the creators are earning more and they are also working as content creators on these websites along with OnlyFans.

By the way, so far no star has created an account on Fanvue or Fansly, due to which very few people know about these websites. The day a celebrity joins any of these two websites, many people will leave OnlyFans and join these websites.


Tip limit on OnlyFans

If we talk about receiving a tip, then there is no limit to it. Whatever money your fans send you will be transferred to your wallet. But if we talk about how many dollar tips fans can send in a day. So let me tell you that a fan can send a maximum tip of up to $500 in a day. Apart from this, Fan can send a maximum tip of $ 200 in one go.

But Fan can send a $200 tip at a time only when his account is about 4 months old. If Fan’s account is still new, then he can only send a tip of up to $100 at a time. OnlyFans has kept capping the payment so that no fan accidentally transfers any huge amount.

If someone accidentally sends tips on OnlyFans

Suppose you want to send $10 Tips to a creator and by mistake, you sent $100 instead of $10. So let me tell you that you will not be able to get this money. Yes, you can talk to OnlyFans about it and they might be able to help you out. But once you have sent the tip, you cannot cancel it because that money is simultaneously transferred to the creator’s wallet. By the way, you can talk to the creator, and if he agrees, then he can return your money himself.

So whenever you pay on OnlyFans or any other platform, you should check the amount properly and only then click on the Pay button. I have also seen many times on YouTube that people send SuperChat to a creator and later start writing in the chat that they have transferred more amount by mistake. That’s why I would advise you not to make mistakes like others.

How to make more tips on OnlyFans?

You can earn more tips only when you have more followers. If you have less number of followers then you will not be able to earn more tips. Along with this, even if you upload regular content, there are chances that your fans will send you tips. You should upload regular content and the quality of your content should also be good. Do not shoot any video in haste.

You can also earn tips by doing a live stream on OnlyFans. Yes, when you stream, you can enable your Tips option and also set a goal. Now suppose that you have set a goal of $500. So when you go live, that goal will be visible to your fans. And your fans will help you to fulfill that goal by supporting you. Fans know how hard you work to make them happy. That’s why they keep encouraging you through tips from time to time.

Creative ways to make money on OnlyFans

In the beginning, the creators have to face a lot of difficulties on OnlyFans, so many creators leave the platform after being disappointed. Yes, this thing is also true that there are very few such creators who get quick success. Quick success is achieved only by those who already have more followers on social media.

But today I am going to tell you some creative ways by which you can earn money quickly. First of all, let me tell you that you do not have to leave your job for OnlyFans. You have to do the work of the creator part-time. Yes, if later you feel that now you are earning good money on OnlyFans and now you do not need to do a job, then you can leave the job.

Whenever you create an account on OnlyFans, first of all, you have to pay more attention to your content. You have to create good content that everyone will like. You do not have to promote your account for 1 month from the beginning. First, you have to put more than 20 posts in your account. Along with this, you also have to use a good profile picture and a good bio.

Free your subscription for a while

If your account is new then you should free your subscription. You can also earn money with a free subscription. If your subscription is free, then many people will follow your account. In a free account, you can earn money through PPV and Tip. If you can stream, then you should do a stream every day and know what kind of content your fans like. You can also enable the Tips option in live stream and if fans like your stream then they can send you Tips.

You can also set a goal while you stream. For example, if you get more than 1000 subscribers in your free account, then you can set a goal of about $200. And if your fans like your content, then they can help you reach your goal. I have seen many creators whose account is free but still, they are earning thousands of dollars through PPV and Tip.

In Pay-per-view, you can hide your posts such as videos or images under the paywall and send them to all your followers. If your followers want to see this content, then they will have to pay for it. Initially, you should keep the price of Pay-per-view content less than $5.

You do not have to keep your account free for long. When you feel that you have got enough followers and fans liking your content, then you can set your subscription fee to $5. Yes, I know that many followers will not subscribe to your account again because many people have subscribed to your account only because they want to see free content.

Can anyone send tips anonymously on OnlyFans?

Whenever you send a tip to a creator, yes the creator gets to know that the user has sent a tip to him. But the creator does not know the name of the fan. He only sees the fan ID. So yes, we can say that the account of the users on OnlyFans is anonymous.

And anyway, it doesn’t matter to the creator whether someone has sent him a tip anonymously or not. The creator is doing his work and he must be rewarded for it. If someone has kept his account free then he will earn money only through Tips and PPV.

Conclusion: Yes OnlyFans takes its cut on tips also. OnlyFans deducts 20% of the charges from your earnings and transfers the remaining 80% to your bank account. Suppose a fan sends you a $100 tip, Out of that OnlyFans will keep $20 and send the remaining $80 to you. The same formula is also used by OnlyFans on subscription and PPV (Pay-per-view) earnings. If you want to earn more tips then you should have more followers. To earn followers, you can promote your account on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.