How to get tips on OnlyFans for beginners

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If you are new to OnlyFans and you want to earn through Tip, then today I will tell you some such ways by which you can get a lot of Tip. I know that in the beginning, it is very difficult to earn money on OnlyFans. By the way, apart from Tip, you can earn money from Subscriptions to OnlyFans. But very few people subscribe to the new account.

If you are also facing difficulty in getting subscribers, then first of all you should see whether you have kept your subscription fee high. Some beginners keep their subscription fees for $10 or more. Yes, I know that you have come to OnlyFans to earn money and if you keep the subscription fee low, So your earnings will also be less.

But if you think about earning money at the beginning itself, then you will never be able to become a popular creator. First of all, you need to pay attention to your content. If your content is good and then fans will like your videos and will also buy your subscription.

In my opinion, beginners should keep their subscription fee less than $5. If even after this you are facing difficulty in getting followers, then free your subscription fee. If your subscription is free, then many people will subscribe to your account. And if they like your videos then they can also give you tips.

Along with this, you should first think about increasing the number of your subscribers. For this, you have to create good content and promote your account on social media platforms. You can promote your OnlyFans account on TikTok. You can get a lot of followers from TikTok. With TikTok, you can also promote your account on Instagram, Twitter, Quora, and Facebook.

Tipping On OnlyFans Posts (Videos and Images)

Whenever you share a post, if your fans like that post, then you can also give tips through the same post. This will be an extra earning for you. If your subscription is not free, then apart from the subscription, you will also earn money from tips.

Suppose people are sending you tips, then first you have to see through which post you have got more tips. And which post of yours has been liked by your fans the most? You have to create the same type of content that your fans want to see. If you do this then more and more people will give you tips and you can earn more.

How to enable the tips option on OnlyFans?

If your account is new, then to get Tips you need to put at least 5 posts. Only after that, you can enable the tips. When you upload more than 5 videos or images, you can enable the Tips option on OnlyFans and fans will now be able to send you tips.

To enable the Tips option, first, you have to log in to your OnlyFans account.

  • Go to the ‘Setting’ option
  • Click on the Privacy and safety option
  • Select ‘Show posts tips sum’
  • And now from here you can enable or disable Tips.

You also know that being a full-time content creator is a hard job. You have to put a lot of effort into shooting a video. And this time your fans also understand. If you are offering a free subscription, then your fans also know that you are not earning anything from these videos. That’s why many fans add tips to you to appreciate your work.

So if your tips option is not enabled yet, then you should enable it today itself. By the way, whenever you put more than 5 posts, your tips option gets automatically enabled. But if it is not so, then you can also enable it manually. If you are facing any kind of problem then you can also talk to the support team of OnlyFans.

Tipping On Onlyfans Stream

Do you know that you can enable the Tips option even while live streaming on OnlyFans? Yes, it is true, whenever you stream on OnlyFans, you should always keep the Tips option enabled. With this, you can earn more. If you are getting good responses from Stream, then you can also do regular Stream. By the way, nowadays users are very fond of the content of live streams. So if you have not streamed on OnlyFans yet, then you must try it once.

You can also set a Tips goal whenever you go live on OnlyFans. If you set Goal then it will appear on your stream as Tip Goal and fans will also know how much goal the creator has set and fans will help you to achieve your goal. So in this way you can earn money even by going online.

Tipping in Onlyfans Messages (PPV Messages)

If you are working as a content creator on OnlyFans then you must know about PPV Messages. Any content creator can earn extra through PPV Messages. Even if you are offering a free subscription, you can still use PPV Messages. In PPV Messages, you hide some of your videos or images behind the paywall and send them to your fans. If your fan wants to see these videos or images, then he will have to pay for them. By the way, we will not call PPV Messages Tips, but this is also a good source of earning.

Tipping on OnlyFans Profiles

Your fans do not need to visit your post to give you tips. If your fans want to support you, they can also send tips from your profile page. OnlyFans has added a tips option on the profile page itself. If fans want to express their appreciation for you in general, they can always tip you directly from your profile.

Tips not working on OnlyFans

If you are a user and you are unable to give tips to any creator then there can be many reasons for this. For example, if you are using a debit card for payment and you do not have funds in your bank account, then also you may face this type of problem. So first of all you have to check whether sufficient funds are available in your bank account or not. If so, then you should add funds first and then try once again.

But if you are a creator and your fans are not able to give you tips or they are not able to see the Tips option at all, then it means that you have disabled the Tips option till now. And now you have to enable this option.

I have explained in detail above how to enable the tips option on OnlyFans. But still, let me tell you that you have to go to ‘Settings’ and click on Privacy and security. After this you will see the option of ‘Show posts tips sum’ and from here you can enable your Tips option.

Can you cancel a tip on OnlyFans?

Once you have sent tips to a creator, you cannot cancel them. Many times we mistakenly type the amount of the tips, in this condition you can tell the creator about it. If the creator wants, he can return your tips to you. So whenever you send Tips to a creator, keep in mind how many Tips you are sending to him.

By the way, there is a cap on the tips of OnlyFans too, so even if you try to send more amount by mistake, then you will not be able to send it. According to the new OnlyFans rules on paid private messages (PPV), capping up to $100 has been kept. There’s also a new maximum tip price of $100 for the first four months a user is active on the site.

OnlyFans daily limit exceeded please try again later

OnlyFans has set some limits for sending tips. If you try to send more tips than that limit, then you see this type of error message that OnlyFans daily limit exceeded please try again later. If you are new to OnlyFans then you can send up to $100 Tips to a creator in one go. And if it’s been more than 4 months since you created your account on OnlyFans, you can send up to $200 at a time. Users may spend up to $500 per day on OnlyFans. So if you have spent more than $500 in a day, then you cannot spend more than that. Now you can send Tips to any creator the very next day.

If you try to pay more than 3 times and OnlyFans rejects your payment, then you will not be able to pay for the fourth time. Many times our payment gets declined due to some reasons. In such a situation, we try to make payments many times. And when you try more than 3 times then after that you can try payment only after 24 hours. Meanwhile, we see the error message OnlyFans daily limit exceeded please try again later.

There can be many reasons for payment rejection. I am going to mention some of the reasons below.

If you enter the wrong credit card details

If you do not have sufficient funds in your bank account

Reaching your daily limit set on your account by OnlyFans

So mostly due to these reasons, one has to face the problem of payment. But if you are still facing payment problems then you can talk to the OnlyFans support team about it. They will definitely help you in this regard.

Does OnlyFans take a percentage of tips?

OnlyFans charges a 20% commission on all types of income whether it is from PPV or Tips. Yes I know 20% is a lot. OnlyFans already charges 20% on subscription and when you receive Tips, you have to pay charges for them too. But we cannot change it. We have to follow the rules made by OnlyFans.

Conclusion: You can earn money in many ways on OnlyFans and Tips is one of them. You can also get Tips from Stream along with Posts. And you already know about paid private messages (PPV). paid private messages (PPV) are also a service of OnlyFans through which you can earn a lot of money. So if you follow my words then you too can get a lot of tips.