How to Reset or Repair apps and programs in windows 10

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Today I will tell you how you can repair your apps and programs in windows 10. Many times it happens that many apps in Windows 10 stop working or work very slowly. In such a situation, we need to repair them. Either we can uninstall those apps and install them again. But uninstalling any app is not the solution. When we can reset or repair any app then why should we uninstall it? By the way, on the official website of Microsoft, complete information has been given about how you can repair your apps and programs in Windows 10. But we have also used screenshots in this article. This will help a lot in repairing apps. In this article, we have told you two ways to repair apps. You can use whichever method you like.

Reset and Repair apps and programs in windows 10 (Method – 1)

To repair apps and programs, first, you have to start your computer.

Go to start menu

Click on the settings button

Now click on the Apps

Now you have to click on the button Apps and Features.

You will see all the apps that you have installed on your computer. You can scroll down to find the app you want to repair.

Select the app you want to repair and then click on the advanced option.

Now after scrolling down a bit you will see two options.

  • Repair
  • Reset

If you want to repair only the app, then you have to click on the repair option. As soon as you click on the repair option, the system will start repairing your app. By the way, you will not get much information here. But yes it will really work.

With this, many times you do not see the option of repair. In this case, even if you click on reset, your apps will be repaired. If you use reset along with repair then it will be right for you.

Repair apps and programs in windows 10 with a control panel option (Method – 2)

You can also repair your apps and programs by going to the control panel. I have told you the first method. But if you are facing any kind of problem with that method, then you can also reset and repair your apps and programs by going to the control panel. So let’s know how you can reset and repair apps and programs through the control panel.

Go to the search option menu

Search by typing the control panel here

Now click on the control panel

Click on Uninstall a program

Now select the app that you want to repair on your Windows 10 computer.

Click on Change

Now select the repair option and click on next.

After this, the system will automatically repair that app and now you just have to click on the finish button. After that, it will work well for you. So in this way you can repair your apps and programs in these two ways. If the apps are not working well even after repairing the apps, then you should uninstall that app. After that, you can install that app again and that app will work well after that.

Fix Windows 10 Apps Not Opening

This is a common problem in Windows 10 that many times you are not able to open pre-installed apps.I am not talking about those apps which you have installed from any third-party website, but I am talking about those apps and programs which are pre-installed or are Microsoft’s own apps. So today I am going to tell you some different methods to solve this problem.

Run Troubleshooter

Go to start and then Setting

Click on Update and Security

And then open Troubleshoot option

Click on Additional Troubleshooter

Now you have to scroll down on this window and look for an option for Windows store apps and click on it.

Click on Rub the Troubleshooter.

Now Troubleshooter will find out what is the problem with your apps. If the Troubleshooter finds a problem, it will show you some options to fix it.

It is not necessary that it will work. But it is the first thing you should try. If it works then it is a good thing but if this method does not work then you have to follow another method.

Reset Apps

If this problem is coming with certain apps, then you can also solve this problem through reset apps. I have told about Reset Apps above in detail. So you can get information about it from there. I have given two methods to reset the apps. You can reset apps in any of those ways. And there is a 99% chance that after resetting your apps or programs will earn well.

Reinstall all apps

Reinstalling apps is the last resort. But I know you won’t need it. Because the methods that I have told you will solve your problem 100%. But if still you are not able to open your apps then you can uninstall your app and then install it again.

Now you have to open Administrator Windows PowerShell as admin. Now you need to copy this command form here. I am writing the command below, you have to copy and paste it into Windows PowerShell. We will not reinstall the app individually by going to the control panel. For this, we will use the Windows PowerShell command. And will reinstall all the apps of the system with just one command.

Windows PowerShell command

Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers| Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Then hit Enter on the keyboard

Now, this command will reinstall all the pre-installed apps on your windows 10. and it makes take some time to finish the process. Close all your apps before doing the process. Otherwise, you may get some kind of error show. Even if you have some errors shows, then you have to ignore them.

After the process is over, you have to press enter by typing exit in the command prompt.

Now restart your computer and check whether your apps are opening now or not.

Run Dism Tools

Go to start and search for CMD

Click on run as administrator

Now you have to type certain commands in CMD

The first command is DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

Then hit enter on your keyboard

If you have any kind of problem with Windows 10 then here you will see some component issues. and even if there is no issue found you should execute this command as well.

Command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

This command will check the health of your Windows 10. Your computer must be connected to the Internet while using this command. If you do not find the issue even after this, then you can use the third command.

Command: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Your computer must be connected to the Internet when using the RestoreHealth command. If there is a problem with your apps, the RestoreHealth command will repair your apps. And your apps will start earning well. This process may take some time to complete. When this process is complete, you will be shown a message about it.

After that, you have to write exit and press enter. Now you have to restart your computer and then check that all your apps are working properly. Your problem will be 100% solved by this process. These commands are absolutely safe, so you do not have to worry.