How You Can Make $100 A Day From Google Web Stories

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Today I will tell you how you can earn at least $100 in a day through Google Web Stories. There are many bloggers who are earning thousands of dollars through Google Web Stories.

Google has recently launched a new service called Google Web Stories. Earlier, Google used to show only the latest news and videos in its browser. But now with these two, you will also get to see Google Web Stories. Still, very few people know about Web Stories. In such a situation, very little information is available about Web Stories on Google. Yes, it is true that many people are earning thousands of dollars from Web Stories.

What is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Stories are a visually rich, full-screen content format for the web, which allows you to tap or swipe through stories. To consume content, you can tap or swipe through Web Stories. Google supports Web Stories, so you might find them across Google Search and Discover.

How to create Google Web Stories?

Creating Google Web Stories is very easy. For this, you need content and images. So let’s know how we can create Google Web Stories. If your website is built in WordPress, then you can also create web stories through a plugin.

  • First of all, you have to log in to your website. After that, you have to click on the “plugin” option in the dashboard.
  • Click on “Add New“.
  • Search by writing “web stories” in the search option.

Google Web Stories
  • Now you will see a plugin named web stories. You have to install the web stories plugin. Then click on Activate. Now your plugin will be activated.
Stories Plugin

  • After the plugin is activated, you will see the option of Stories on the left side of the dashboard. You have to click on “Stories“.
  • Click on “create a new story”.
Web Stories

  • Here you will also find many templates that you can use to create web stores. You can also use animation in web stories.

How to make money from web stories?

Right now the beta version of web stories has been launched. That’s why Google is also showing the stories of new websites in web stories. That’s why many bloggers are taking advantage of it. Web stories go viral very quickly like Instagram reels and YouTube shorts. It has nothing to do with organic search. For this, Google has created a separate option called Discover. If you have Google Adsense Approve on your website, then you can run ADS in web stories.

How to run google ADS in web stories?

  • You have to go to the Settings option of the Stories plugin you have installed.
  • First of all, you have to put the Publisher Logo there. Your website can also have a logo.
  • After scrolling down, you will see the option of Google Adsense.

Google Adsense Web Stories
  • Here you have to enter the code of Google Ads.

Now whatever web story you create, ads will appear in the middle. These will be auto-ADS only. You cannot manage them manually.

How many web stories can I post in a day?

By the way, no limit has been selected for policing web stories. But if you want to make your web story viral, then you should police at least 5 stories in a day. If you want to make more web stories than this then you are. But you have to keep in mind one thing it is important to give credit to the images you want to use. For example, if you download images from Virat Kohli’s Instagram account, then you will have to give credit to Virat Kohli and Instagram.

Apart from this, it is also important to choose the right category and tags for the topic on which you are creating the web store. And you do not have to copy the content from any website. You have to use at least the content in the story.

How You Can Make $100 A Day From Google Web Stories?

Earning $100 in a day is not that easy either. If Stories Go Viral Then You Can Earn $100 In A Day. But as you also know that in countries like India, the cost per click of ads is very less. So if you are targeting India then it is difficult to earn $100. But if you are targeting US and England countries then you can easily earn up to $100. But getting the Indian website ranked in other countries is also a difficult task.

Why is my traffic zero on Google Web Stories?

There is no doubt that Google Web Stories is a good way of earning. But with this, you also have to keep posting articles continuously. Traffic is not consistent in Google Web Stories. If today you are getting 1000 traffic in a day then tomorrow it can reach 100 also. And the traffic of some people has become zero.

Web Stories is currently in beta version and Google is doing a lot of experiments with it. So whatever you earn from Web Stories is a kind of bonus. You cannot depend on Web Stories. If there is a lot of organic traffic on your website, then with this you can also take traffic from Web Stories. You can earn more money.

How to see the Discover option in Search Console?

When you publish some Google Web Stories and most of those stories are crawled, you will see the option of Discover in Google Search Console. This will mean that now you will start seeing Google Web Stories to people. To know that you have got the option of Discover, you will have to log in to Google Search Console. We also know Google Search Console as Google Webmaster. But now the name of Google Webmaster has been changed and now we know it as Google Search Console.

Discover Option

On the home page of Google Search Console, you will see the option of Discover. From here you can find out how much traffic is coming to which of your web stories. Some people even take up to 1 month to get the option of Discover. In such a situation, you do not have to panic and keep working continuously. In a few days, you will see Discover and your web stories will also start showing in Google Discover.

If you want to earn from Adsense, then you do not have to work only on Google Web Stories. You have to keep posting new articles continuously. The more articles you write, the more your ranking will improve. And as your website gets older, Google will start trusting your website more. In such a situation, many of your keywords will start ranking in the top 10.

I myself work on web stories, but along with this, I also keep writing new articles on my website every day. I am sharing my AdSense earning proof with you.

Web Stories Earning Proof

I know that many people will not believe it without seeing the earning proof which is why I have shared this screenshot. But all these earnings are not from web stories. I have 5 websites. So I have taken Adsense approval on all the websites, so I am earning well from all these websites.

It has taken me almost 5 years to reach this point. Initially, I did not even apply for Adsense. But when one of my websites started getting more than 1000 traffic every day, I applied for Google Adsense and I got approval within 3 days. For that one year, I worked hard day and night and also learned about SEO. I myself created backlinks for my websites.

This five-year journey of mine has been very difficult. But I am happy that today I have got the result of my hard work. I am not saying that you should not work on Google Web Stories. The purpose of writing this article is that more and more people can know about Google Web Stories.

But with Google Web Stories, you should also keep posting good quality content on the website. If you do this then you can earn good money from both Google Web Story.