IRCTC and CDSL share price target in 2022, 2023, 2025 and 2030

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Are you also thinking of investing in IRCTC stock? Or you have already invested in IRCTC, and want to hold IRCTC stock for long term. So today we will talk about two such stocks that many retail investors want to know about. Today we will try to know what can be the share price target of IRCTC and CDSL in 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030. Well, let me tell you in advance that the price prediction of any stock is not always correct. The company presents its results every quarter. If the results are good, then there is a rise in the share price. And if the results are bad, then a fall in the share price can also be seen. So whenever we invest in the stock market, we have to keep an eye on the market.

Both IRCTC and CDSL companies are one of the top companies in their respective sectors. And IRCTC has no competition with anyone. IRCTC does not have any competitors. Both the companies are also giving good returns to their investors. So today we will also know whether you can invest in these companies for the long term or not. So first of all we will talk about IRCTC. What will be the target of IRCTC from 2022 to 2030?

IRCTC share price target in 2022

The current price of the IRCTC share is 3,343.15 INR. When I had invested, the share price was at 1357 INR. And see today the share price has reached 3,343.15 INR. So IRCTC is such a stock whose price is increasing and is not taking the name of stopping. In such a situation, if you also want to invest in this stock, then you can still do it.

Right now some people must be thinking that the share price is very high now and when the share price will reach down then we will invest. And even when the share price was around 1300, some people thought that when the share price would reach below 1000, then we would invest in the stock.

But let me tell you that now the share price is not going to come down. Now very soon the share price can reach 5000 INR also. Yes, there was news that IRCTC can split the share. So you will get 5 shares instead of one share. And if the share price is 5000 then you will get 5 shares of 1000. But this did not reduce the share price. The price is still the same.

So the next target for IRCTC share in 2022 is 4200 INR. Yes, the price can be higher or higher but I think the share price can definitely hit 4200.

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IRCTC share price target in 2023

Indian Railway Catering and Trsm Corp Ltd share has given approximately 147.84% return in last one year. The market is high now. And correction can also be seen in the market. Many experts also believe that even in a period of recession, the market has given excessive returns. I also accept this. But IRCTC is a fundamentally strong share. But suppose even if there is a correction in the market, even then it will not have much effect on the share price of IRCTC. The share price can reach as high as 3000. And when all the trains will be running smoothly, then you can see the increase in the share price again.

IRCTC Financial report

So you must have seen in the screenshot that IRCTC is still earning a good profit. And you also know that many saree trains have been canceled due to Corona. And for a long time, not a single train was put on the track. Due to this reason, IRCTC also suffered a loss of about 21 crores in June 2020.

June 2021 Total Income of IRCTC: 257.94 Crore INR

Total Profit after Tax in June 2021: 82.52 Crore INR

IRCTC is a fundamentally strong company and you can invest in this stock even with your eyes closed. So the next share price target for IRCTC in 2023 is 5000 INR. Yes, IRCTC’s share price can hit 5000 INR by the end of 2023.

IRCTC share price target in 2025

There is a possibility that by 2025, private companies can also come into the market to compete with IRCTC. If this happens, then it can have an impact on both the business and the share of IRCTC. So far it is not clear which company can invest in the business of Railways. But as far as the news is getting, Adani Group and Tata Group can get into this business. So if you want to invest in IRCTC stock for the long term then you should pay attention to such news.

So the next share price target of IRCTC in 2025 is 8000 INR. But I think the share price may reach between 8000 INR and 10,000 INR by the end of 2025.

As you also know that every company takes a loan and IRCTC has also taken a loan. The company has a debt of about 1,922.02 crores in 2021.

But as you know that the company is earning good profit, then the company can easily pay off this debt. And the assets of the company are also much more than the debt. So you don’t need to worry much about this. IRCTC is a good stock for the long term.

Promoters hold about 67.40% shares in IRCTC. So this is a good one. And we know that majority of the shares are with the Indian government only. And many mutual funds have also invested in IRCTC. So this tells us that this stock is a good option for investment. So from my side, yes to buy this stock. And don’t look at the share price. The price is not too high yet. But in the coming years when the share price will reach 10,000 INR then you will not be able to invest.

CDSL share price target for 2022 and 2023

So now we will talk about our second share CDSL. Is CDSL also a good stock like IRCTC? So as I tell in every article emotions have no place in the share market. We should invest in shares only after doing a thorough investigation. So first we have to check the financial report of CDSL stock only after that we can tell whether CDSL is a good stock or not.

The current price of CDSL shares is 1,321.45 INR. And today an upper circuit of 5.00% is being seen in the share price. The share of Central Depository Services (India) Ltd was listed in the Indian Stock Market in 2017. And since then till today the stock has given good return.

But in the last year, CDSL has done wonders only. The stock of CDSL has given a return of about 193.72% in the last year. So now we will check what happened that CDSL stock has seen such a boom. As you already know that CDSL is a subsidiary company. And there is only one company in its competition whose name is NDSL. But NDSL is not yet listed in the share market. In such a situation, CDSL is earning good profit and the share price is also increasing.

Nowadays a lot of people are investing in the share markets and mutual funds. And to invest in the share market, it is necessary to have a Demat account. And that’s why nowadays many people are opening their new Demat account. Due to this the income of CDSL has also increased. CDSL is a fundamentally strong company and you can invest in this company for the long term.

So you must be seeing that the company is earning good profits every year. And the profit of the company is increasing every year.

Income of CDSL in June 2021: 129.79 Crore INR

Net Profit: 63.87 Crore INR

Assets of CDSL: 863.32 Crore INR

Liabilities: 97.48 Crore INR

So you can see that there is very little debt on the company, so we can also call this company a debt-free company. And you must invest in such a debt-free company. So now it is clear that you can invest in both CDSL and IRCTC stocks.

So the next target for CDSL stock in 2022 is 2000 INR. I am fast but this speed will not last forever. And there can also be a correction in the share price. The stock is running excessively. So you have to wait for the right time. and the next target for CDSL share in 2023 is 2500 INR.

CDSL share price target for 2025

In 2025 CDSL stock can reach 3500 INR. Yes, the share price can be higher or lower. If NDSL enters the share market before 2025, then it can have an impact on the share price. But till now no such news has come out whether NDSL will be listed in the share market or not. But still, you should keep an eye on this type of news. So if you want to make a long-term investment then CDSL is a good option.

Conclusion: I have written this article for special retail customers. Many retail customers make their investments by looking at the share price. So never pay much attention to the share price. If the company is fundamentally strong then you can invest in it. Many retail investors want to invest in penny stocks like Yes Bank, Rcom, and Vodafone Idea. And want to earn money fast. So let me tell you that there is no future in such stocks. And If companies get delisted from the stock market, then all your money can also be lost.

You should invest in fundamentally strong companies like CDSL and IRCTC. The money should be invested for the long term. Yes, there can be many fluctuations in the share price. But you don’t have to worry. You will get good returns in the long term, this thing is for sure.

So through this article, I have tried to share complete information about the shares of IRCTC and CDSL. But still, if any information has been missed, then you can tell us through the comment. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.


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