Is EpiqPay legit or scam payment app | EpiqPay reviews
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Today I am going to tell you about a topic about which very little information is available on the internet. Today we will learn about Epiq Pay. Today we will try to know whether EpiqPay is legit website or scam. As you must be knowing from the name of EpiqPay that Epiq Pay is a payment app. Yes, you can make payments through EpiqPay. By the way, there are many payment apps available nowadays, in which Apple Pay, Samsung pay, Google pay, and Cash app are the most used apps in the US.

So EpiqPay is a new name in such a situation. Yes, very few of you would know about EpiqPay. So today we will try to know whether EpiqPay is a legit app. Or EpiqPay is a scam. By the way, you also know that you cannot use any such payment app. You should not use payment apps unless you are 100% sure of the app. EpiqPay app is neither available on Google Play Store nor on App Store. If the app is not on the play store or app store then how can the app be legit? How can we trust this app until the app comes on the app store?

Is EpiqPay safe to use?

By the way, the name of the parent company of EpiqPay is Epiqglobal. Epiqglobal is almost 6 years old website. So in such a situation, it seems that Epiqglobal is a legit website. And EpiqPay is a new project of Epiqglobal. Epiq is a worldwide provider of legal and business services, serving law firms, corporations, financial institutions, and government agencies—helping them streamline the administration of business operations, class action and mass tort, court reporting, eDiscovery, regulatory, compliance, restructuring, legal transformation, and bankruptcy matters.

Domain Registration2016-02-27 | 6 years ago
Server Location
 (US) United States

Now let’s talk about website. First of all, we will try to know how old the website is. And what’s in the website.

Domain Registration: 2020-02-15 | 2 years ago

Server Location:  (US) the United States website is almost 2 years old website. So if the website was a scam, then by now the website would have stopped earning. I have seen such amazingly low scam websites which have run for more than 1 year.

So the website has only one page and in that only the parent website is mentioned. And written about the services of the company. So in such a situation, I feel that this is a legit website. If we talk about scamadviser, then scam adviser has given 90 marks out of 100 to the website and this is a good news. I am sharing some of the arguments on which scam adviser has given this result below.

Positive highlights

This website has existed for quite some years (The scam adviser believes that the website is almost 2 years old, so it is a legit website)

Negative highlights

The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service

This website does not have many visitors

The picture is still not clear and there is a 50% chance that EpiqPay is safe and there is a 50% chance that EpiqPay is not safe. In such a situation, now you have to take this decision yourself. By the way, if you get the reviews of the customers, then you can also read them and take a decision.

If we talk about epiqglobal, then epiqglobal seems to be a good website. In the website, the contact number of the company’s other necessary information is available.

Peter Eilhauer

Managing Director, Spend Solutions

Tom Finke

Managing Director, Legal Transformation Services

Porsha Finney

Senior Legal Recruiting Partner, Epiq Counsel

Mark Habbinga

Senior Managing Director of Legal Transformation Services

Ziad Mantoura

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Enterprise Legal & Consulting Solutions Legal Solutions

Catherine J. Moynihan

Senior Director, Strategic Intelligence & Advisory, Legal Business Advisory

There are very few websites that share so much information. But still I have not used the services of EpiqPay yet. That’s why it is very difficult to say whether EpiqPay is safe or not. But I am not 100% sure yet. So I will not give you any wrong information. There are also not many reviews available on the Internet about EpiqPay. So we can only guess for now. In such a situation, I feel that if you want to take the services of EpiqPay, then you should first talk to the support of EpiqPay. Otherwise, I would say that if you still have doubts, then you should find an alternative to EpiqPay.

EpiqPay Digital Payment Platform Benefits

Streamlined real-time tracking of claimant email receipt and continual monitoring of email interactions.

Lowered costs by eliminating physical check postage expense.

Secure website with no app download required offering several leading payment network options including Amazon, Mastercard, PayPal and more.

Claimant ease and satisfaction with diverse payment network options through desktop or mobile device.
No Prefunding of Payment Vendors.  EpiqPay only debits the settlement fund once a payee makes a payment selection, which allows for better control of settlement funds. 
Contact us to find out if EpiqPay is right for your next settlement.


So Epiq has shared the details of all its employees in the website. And I have shared the details of some employees here as well. You can also check the same details on the official website of Epiq. So this only proves that Epiq is a legit website. Yes Epiq is not popular due to which not much information is available about Epiq on the internet. That is why many people are considering Epiq as a scam. But taking the services of a website about which not much information is available is a bit risky. In such a situation, you have to decide for yourself whether you want to take the services of Epiq or not.


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