Is HDToday.TV legit | What are your reviews of the HD Today TV website

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The HDToday TV website is almost 1 year old and I don’t think the website will be able to celebrate its first birthday. is a very famous online platform where you will find movies from all over the world. Through this article, we will try to know whether HDToday.TV website legit or not. There will also be a question in the mind of many people how does HD Today TV website provide us with movies for free. So let me tell you that HD Today TV is not a legit website. HDToday is a pirated website. Yes, this website uploads Illegal movies. So how can we call the website which is earning money in the wrong way legit?

Well, to be honest, many websites of HDToday have been closed in front of me and the number of HDToday TV is also about to come.

HDToday TV

The HDToday TV website is almost 1 year old and I don’t think the website will be able to celebrate its first birthday. Now let’s talk about whether HDToday TV website is safe or not. So let me tell you that if you use HDToday TV properly then HDToday TV is safe. But if you click on the ads then HDToday TV is not safe. Although HDToday TV claims that we provide ads-free movies but all this is wrong. Whenever we search for the name of any movie, first of all, we see ads. And those ads are also spam ads.

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Is HDToday.TV legit

One good thing about HDToday TV is that you do not need to create an account in HDToday TV to watch movies. You can watch movies on HDToday TV even without creating an account. This means that you will not have any kind of personal information such as your name, email, or phone number with HDToday TV. And HDToday TV will not even be able to access your data.

Just yesterday, the very popular website has been permanently closed. Now HDToday TV is the only option left with the users. By the way, was ruling the market for almost 4 years. But now someone has made a copyright claim on that website and the website is completely closed. US is a very popular website, you can guess from it that the Alexa rank of is about 5,006. And he was crying less and less. But now that is closed, it is useless to talk about these things now. But do you think HDToday.TV is more popular than If you think so then you are thinking right. The Alexa rank of HDToday.TV is around 2,221. And most of the traffic on this website comes from the US itself. This means that this website is very popular in the US. Most people also know that HDToday.TV is not a legal website, yet people use HDToday.TV to watch movies because this website provides content for free.

So when millions of people are using these websites then why can’t you. But if I tell the truth then this website is illegal. And no one can deny it. And viruses can also enter your device from such websites. And your personal data is also being tampered with. Therefore, as far as possible, such wrong websites should not be used.


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