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Spread the love website is a downloader for downloading videos of OnlyFans. In this case, you can only use it to download OnlyFans content. But to be honest, Only shares net is not a legit website. Yes, we can consider it a scam website. As you also know that OnlyFans was neither free before nor is it free today. Whether you search as much as you want, how you can use OnlyFans for free, or download OnlyFans videos for free, you will not be able to download content for free using any downloader.

Is safe to use?

Let us see how works.

  • When you open on your phone or laptop, you will get to see such a view.
  • After that, you have to enter the username of OnlyFans creator. And click on the option to download content.
  • After that, there will be processing for about 1 minute. You have to wait for a little.
  • After that, you will see a message. I am showing the below screenshot and message.

Your Files Are Ready

One-time verification required

Due to an increase in bot requests, verification is required on your first download. Your device will be whitelisted moving forward.

Please verify that you are a human by pressing the verify now button below to continue.

This is where the game starts. These people think we are idiots. See what you see when you click on Verify Now.

If you are using from mobile then you are asked to install some apps. If you are using on laptop then you are asked if you also want to become a Millionaire then click here. And you will be transferred to the survey website and any other scam website. So as far as I have understood, OnlyShares is a scam website, so stay away from such survey websites, do not be violent in any survey, but do not share any type of your data with the website.

How OnlyShares work?

In, you only have to enter the username of the creator and you get the option to download the content of that creator. But when you try to download videos, you are asked to install some apps. And those apps are also not some special apps. Even if you install them, then delete them the very next moment and dose. Anyway, it is not safe to install apps from outside the Play Store. So you do not have to install apps on your phone from any free link outside Play Store or Google Play.

Even after completing this type of survey, you will not get the option to download windows on Because OnlyFans is a secure website and you cannot watch any type of content without a subscription. Anyway, there is no option to download in OnlyFans. So how can you download videos or images using

I have seen many downloaders who claim that you can download and stream OnlyFans windows without a subscription. But none of them downloaders works. These are all scammers who do such activities to earn money. You must have seen that nowadays you are getting many saree emails related to Cash App Sakam. So in such a situation, if you want to watch videos on OnlyFans, then you should choose the legal route.

Apart from this, there is no other way. And it is not that OnlyFans is an adult website, so it is not legal. OnlyFans is a legal website in the US. And if you are more than 18 years of age then you can create both user and creator accounts on OnlyFans. You can also earn money if you join as a creator with OnlyFans.

Can I find FeetFinder accounts on OnlyShares?

See, on OnlyShares, you will get only the data of OnlyFans. But if you want to find the Feetfinder profiles on OnlyShares, it won’t happen. If you want to find the Feetfinder profile, then you can create an account on Feetfinder. Feetfinder is not an adult website. Only ft pictures are sold and bought here. If you do not know, then let me tell you that nowadays people can buy Feet Pictures for their website cheaply from websites like FeetFinder or Feetify.

Fiverr Affiliate program | Make $500 in a day

The Fiverr Affiliate program has been launched. In such a situation, you also have a chance to earn dollars. If you want to join the Fiverr Affiliate program and want to earn thousands of dollars, then today I will give you complete information about it. You have to follow all the steps and you can easily join the Fiverr Affiliate program.

First of all, you have to go to the official website of the Fiverr Affiliate program, I am sharing the link below.

After this, you have to click on the button Start Earning Now.

After this, you have to fill out the form to sign up. And click on the Next button. Here you will be asked for information like your name, email, and Id. And you will also be asked where you will promote the links.

After this your account will be created. And an email will be sent to you from Fiverr. You just have to verify that email and your account will be ready. Now you can login and create your affiliate links.

If someone from your link hires freelancing services on Fiverr, then you will be given a strong commission. There is no line of earning. The more referrals you make, the more you will earn.


It has been not proven that Only shares are legit websites. But on Only shares, you will get only those accounts that will be public. If someone has privately registered their account, then only subscribers can see it. If so, then you have to create an account on OnlyFans. And with this, you can see only the name and profile data of any model on Only shares. If you want to watch videos and images, then you have to create an account on OnlyFans. And the account of that model will have to be subscribed to. Only then can you see videos and images.


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