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Public Lands reviews
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By not listening to public lands, you must have felt that this is a property dealer’s website. Yes, I felt the same way before. But ace is not. Public Lands is a shopping website. On the website, you will find clothes, shoes, and many more things. But the real thing is that very few people know about the website. And public lands is running its ads on Facebook and google very loudly. In such a situation, the reach of the website is happening to more people. And people also want to know about it. Anyway, many scam websites are being launched nowadays, in such a situation people do not want to be scammed by them too.

So today we will collect complete information about and try to reach this decision on whether Public lands is really a legit website or is it also a scam. First of all, we will try to know the age of the website. This will give us an idea of how old the website is. And you guys already know that scam website cannot last for more than 1 year. is an almost 25 years old website. And I can say that a 25-year-old website cannot be a scam. But still, we will do some more research so that we can know 100% whether the website is legit or not.

Is public lands safe to use?

Is public lands a legit website

The customer support number is also given on the website. And I have also seen by calling this number and now it is confirmed that the website is legit. But I have also read reviews about public lands on Facebook and other platforms, due to which I feel that the services of public lands are not good. That is why the public has not given good reviews to the public lands. And you also know how the public can trust a website about which there is not much information on the Internet and the reviews are also not good. It is possible that the public lands are selling good products. And by the way, the sale is still running on the website. And now you can get a good discount too. But the public lands have not been able to win the trust of the people.


That is why the traffic on the website is still low. Business can grow a lot in 25 years. But the public lands is still at zero. In such a situation, now it depends on you whether you say shopping on this website or not. You can also talk to their support team yourself and take a decision. But if you are getting good deals then I think you should try it once. By the way, if we talk about scam adviser websites, then in their eyes public lands is 100% legit websites. And I agree with them too.

scamadvider gave a score of 100 out of 100. And this is rarely seen. Most of the websites get only 90 out of 100. Along with this, Scamander has also told some such things that they think that is a legit and safe website.

  1. This website is receiving a lot of traffic according to Tranco (Yes it is true that is a very old website and the traffic on the website is not very much but not very less either. As far as I know, the website gets at least 2000 unique visitors a day. This figure can be more or less).
  2. SSL certificate is used on the website
  3. This website has existed for 25 years
  4. The domain registration bureau of this domain is well-known

Along with the positive, there are also some negative things about which you should know. The website’s owner has hidden his identity. Due to this, it is suspected that the website is a scam. But this is not necessary, many people keep their identities hidden. So that scammers can not harass them. Apart from this, the website design is also good. And a secure payment gateway has also been used on the website. Which is a good thing.

Tips and Tricks

Today I am going to tell you some tips and tricks so that you can easily know whether any website is legit or scam. First of all, you have to find out how old the website is. For this, you will find many tools online. If it has not been even a year since the website was launched, then the chances increase that the website is a scam. To know the age of the website, you only have to take the help of online key tools and all these tools are free. Below I am going to tell you about an online tool that you can use for free.

  1. ScamAdviser
  2. URLVoid

You can use any of these tolls. I use URLvoid to find out the age of the website. Here you do not even need to create an account. All you have to do is enter the domain of the website and all the information about that domain will be in front of you. So in this way you can find out about any website yourself.


I have done a lot of research about public lands and finally, I have come to the decision that public land is a legit website. But the public reputation of public lands is not very good. People do not know much about public lands. That’s why they do not want to shop on this website. So if you want to shop on this website then there is no danger in it. But till now we do not have much information about the service of the website, so you should take a wise decision. And search about it yourself.

I hope you have got complete information. If you have any doubts then you can tell us through comments. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.


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