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Nowadays the passion of Air Jordan is riding on everyone’s head. Today we will try to know whether sneaker ll city is a legit website or is it a scam website. is not a very famous website, so there is very little information on the internet about it. In such a situation, the customers do not even know whether sneakerllcity is a legit site or a scam. If you are looking for reviews on the internet, then you will not find a single review about it. From this, it looks like Ahai’s website is still new.

If the website was old, then we would have definitely got to see some reviews on the internet. Well, without the reviews of the customers, it is also difficult to find out whether the website is safe or not.

Website Address:

Domain Registration: 2021-09-27 | 6 months ago

City: Boardman

Region: Oregon

The sneaker II city website is almost 6 months old. And I have not got any information about the owner of the website yet. By the way, we consider 6 months old website as a new website only. And the sneaker city has nothing to do with Nike either. Meaning some people are understanding that sneaker city. Nike is the only official website on which Nike only sells Air Jordan shoes. But I have gathered information about it. sneaker city has nothing to do with Nike.

The server location of the website is also in the US, due to which it seems that Ahai’s website belongs to the US only. The physical store of is at two places. The first store is in Singapore and the second store is in Vietnam. They do not have a single store in the US. In such a situation, it is difficult to say whether the store location is correct or not. Yes, the contact number and address are given in the contact form, which is a good thing.

By the way, US Phone is also given in the contact form, so you can also find out by calling. But as far as I am aware, sneaker ll city seems to be a scam website only. If the sneaker ll city website had been taken, then we would have definitely seen the reviews of the customers. has declared as legit. scamadviser rated Sneakerllcity 50 out of 100 marks. And that’s a good score. If a 6-month-old website gets 50 marks out of 100 then it means that the website is legit.

So even after doing all this, we have not been able to reach any decision. So in such a situation, we should not take the risk of shopping on the website. A payment gateway has been used on the website and you can also make payment through Paypal. In such a situation, nothing can be said. The case is 50-50.

Negative highlights of

The owner of the website is using a service to hide their identity on WHOISHigh number of suspicious websites on this server (Most scammers do this so that they cannot be detected)

This website is (very) young (only 6 months old website).

Social media icons are also not visible on the website, it means that has not yet created social media pages.


As far as I understand sneakerllcity is not a safe website. The website is new, so Huamin does not know how the service of the website is. In such a situation, the website can also send you duplicate goods. In such a situation, I would like to give you the same opinion that if you want to buy genuine Air Jordan shoes, then you can order from the nearest Nike store or online Nike store. By the way, you will also find Air Jordan shoes in Walmart.

Some other Air Jordan scam website List

  1. Air Jordan Red
  2. Hokasports
  3. Air Jordan outlet

Be careful too. These are also new websites and to a large extent, they have also been described as scams.



  1. How can I be sure that this is a scam website. Do you have any proof? The reviews are not even on the internet.

  2. Sneaker ll city is a scam website. I was about to order on this website that I talked to my friend about it, he is a digital marketing expert. He told that the website is new and it is a fraud website.

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