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Vardon Shop a scam website
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It will be known whether Vardon shop is legit or not, but before that let me tell you that is an online store. And the Vardon shop has replaced the logo with the Happy New Year 2022 logo. And yes the fab icon has not been used in the website. The WordPress logo is in place of the fava icon. It is clear from this that the website is built in WordPress.

In you will find all types of sports & outdoors, water sports and furniture products. If we talk about the products, then the price of the products is also very less. But can the Vardon Shop be trusted. Is Vardon Shop a legit website? To know this, we have to know how old the website is. And first of all we have to read reviews about

Website Address:

Domain Registration: 2022-04-18 | 16 days ago

Server Location: (NL) Netherlands

So Vardon Shop is about 16 days old website, so I have a feeling that Vardon Shop is a scam website. It takes about 2 months to create any legit website. Vardon Shop I think has been created in a day, that’s why Vardon Shop website still shows a lot of shortcomings.

Is Vardon Shop a safe website?

The address of the store is given on the contact page but the phone number is not visible to me. Yes, there is an email address but I don’t know if it works or not. Anyway, I cannot shop on any 16-day-old website. By the way, the biggest surprise is that a website like considers Vardon Shop to be legit. I don’t know how this mistake happened. And I did not expect this from a website like Many people rely on scamadviser.

Positive highlights:

The website seems to be an online store 

The SSL certificate is valid

The scamadviser believes that Vardon Shop is an online store and this is one of its strengths. And also the Vardon Shop website has used SSL, so it is a legit website. Now I do not understand this logic at all. If you have understood, then definitely tell through comments. The scamadviser thinks that all these websites have merits. Yes, the website has only such features.

Now we have talked about the merits, now let’s talk about what are the shortcomings in the website.

Negative highlights:

This website is (very) young.

According to scamadviser, there is only one drawback in the website that the website is new, and other than that everything is fine. Well I am not satisfied with this logic of scamadviser. scamadviser is a tool but I don’t think it is working properly.

I still believe that Vardon Shop is not legit. So do not shop on this website. If you have made a payment at Vardon Shop by mistake, then contact your bank about it as soon as possible. And also share your experience with us through comments.


So from the research, we have done on Vardon Shop, it seems that Vardon Shop is not a legend. But none of the customers have confirmed this. And by the way, Vardon Shop is a new brand, so it cannot be trusted. In such a situation, I would advise you not to shop on the Vardon Shop website.


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