Laxmi Organics share price target 2021, 2022, 2025 and 2030

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So today we will talk about one such stock that many retail investors say to know about. Yes, I am talking about the hottest stock of 2021 whose name is Laxmi Organics. And this stock has now become a Rocket and is also giving very good returns. So let me tell you today I am going to tell you about the next price target of Laxmi Organics share for 2021, 2022, 2025, and 2030. Many people had doubts about this company that how this company will perform in the future. Is it safe to invest in this stock or not? But the kind of financial result the company has released today, everyone’s mouth has been shut. And now everyone wants to invest in this stock. So let’s know-how are the company’s numbers for 2021, whether the company is making good profits or not.

I have shared the screenshot of the balance sheet of the company above. You can also check it yourself but we will talk about it now. First of all, you can see in the balance sheet that the total assets of the Laxmi Organics company are increasing every year.

About Laxmi Organics total assets

Total assets of Laxmi Organics in the Financial year 2019: 1,014.49 Cr.

Total assets of Laxmi Organics in the Financial year 2020: 1,069.37 Cr.

Total assets of Laxmi Organics in the Financial year 2021: 1,837.36 Cr.

So you can see for yourself that the company is earning a good profit every year. And that is why the share price of the company is also increasing continuously.

But if we talk about debt, then in 2021 the debt on the company has also increased. But it does not matter much as the company has shown a good profit. So if you are an investor and want to invest in this stock for the long term then you can do it. You can expect good returns from Laxmi Organics in the long term like 2025 or 2030.

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Laxmi Organics share price target in 2021

2021 is not over yet. And right now I think Laxmi Organics’ share is going to run out more by the end of 2021. And if you haven’t invested in this stock yet, then hurry up. Don’t miss the chance somewhere. So the next target price for Laxmi Organics’ share in 2021 is 380 INR.

The company has shown good numbers, due to which there has been a jump of about 10% of the share price today. And the hope is that the share price may see a similar rise in the future as well. If this happens, then the share price can also achieve the target of 400 by the end of 2021.

Laxmi Organics share price target in 2022

The kind of performance Laxmi Organics has done after the IPO listing, it seems that if you invest in this stock today, then your investment will double in 2022. Many peoples also said that the price of the stock is rising because the promoters are increasing it, but ever since the company declared its 2021 financial results, everyone’s mouth has been locked. So if you also have shares of Laxmi Organics then you do not have to panic and if possible then you have to raise more quantity.

Right now the stock price is expected to see an increase of only 70% and in the coming time, it will be 100% and then 200%. And in this way, you will be forced to think again. Laxmi Organics is a fundamentally strong company. The profit of the company is also good, so you can hold for this stock.

The next target for Laxmi Organics’ share in 2022 is 500 INR. I am giving this target because the bullishness in any stock does not last long. Yes, today the stock is seeing a lot more momentum, but there will come a time when people will book profits and the stock can be seen at a low price.

Laxmi Organics share price target in 2025

If the performance of the company remains good even in 2025 and the company earns good profit, then the next target of the stock in 2025 will be 800 INR. But this is just a price prediction which can also prove to be wrong. By the way, we are not in the right to provide wrong information to our readers. We do our best to provide you with accurate information. Whatever target we provide you is almost accurate. We first collect complete information about the company, then check its balance sheets for the last several years, and then prepare the target.

Although the profit of Laxmi Organics is increasing continuously, the debt of the company is also increasing continuously. Let us see how much debt is on Laxmi Organics.

Total Liabilities in 2019: 564.30 Cr.

Total Liabilities in 2020: 642.06 Cr.

Total Liabilities in 2021: 802.31 Cr.

Yes, I know that no business runs without debt. And the Laxmi Organics company does not have that much debt either. But still, if the company is debt-free, then it attracts more retail investors. And the risk in this is also negligible.

Laxmi Organics share price target in 2030

Laxmi Organics is a company which can give you good returns in the long term. That is why I would like to tell you that you should invest in Laxmi Organics’ share for about 10 years. And after 10 years you can also become a rich person.

Yes, I know that many people have less income and they cannot take more quantity of shares at the same time. If this is the case then you can also buy some stocks every month through SIP. If you invest in the stock market through the Zerdoha app then you can start SIP in any stock in Zerodha.

Nowadays all the investing apps are providing this type of facility to their customers. So let us now know what will be the price target of Laxmi Organics share in 2030.

So the next target for Laxmi Organics share in 2030 is 1600 INR. Yes, in 2030, the price of Laxmi Organics shares can even reach 2000, but for this, the stock will have to perform very well and this can happen only if the company shows good financial results every year. If the share price reaches 2000 in 2030 then it will be a good return.

Is Laxmi Organics income increasing?

Now we will talk about the total income of Laxmi Organics from June 2020 to July 2020. Whether the income of the company has increased or not.

So as you must have seen that there has been a profit increase in the results of every quarter of Laxmi Organics. And this is a good sign.

Total Income in JUN 2020: 404.14 Cr.

Total Income in SEP 2020: 410.22 Cr.

Total Income in DEC 2020: 437.43 Cr.

Total Income in MAR 2021: 521.27 Cr.

Total Income in MAR 2021: 740.63 Cr.

And after March 2021, the company’s profit increased completely. And due to this, there is a jump in the stock of the company.

So everyone is surprised to see the company’s profit and many Retail investors want to buy shares. So I would advise all the investors that they can pick up as much as possible now and it is my guarantee that the stock is going to perform well by 2022.

But as I tell you in every article that all your money should not be invested in any one stock. You must have at least 20 stocks in your portfolio. If today you put all your money in Laxmi Organics and tomorrow there may be a lower circuit in the stock, then you cannot even sell the stock.

That’s why your portfolio should always be diversified. Your portfolio should contain all stocks from small-cap to large-cap.

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