Lucy Hale’s dating history and boyfriends list in 2022

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Do you know whom Lucy Hale has dated so far? Today I am going to share some such information with you. Lucy Hale first dated David Henrie in 2007.

  1. David Henrie
Lucy Hale's first love was David Henrie. Both were together for almost 2 years.

Lucy Hale and David Henrie’s relationship lasted for almost two years. And in 2009, the two separated.

2. Alex Marshall

After David Henrie, Alex Marshall came into Lucy Hale’s life. The two dated for almost a year. But due to some reasons, both of them broke up in 2011.

Alex Marshall

Lucy Hale never revealed where and how she met Alex Marshall.

3. Chris Zylka

After the separation of Alex Marshall, Lucy Hale became single again. In such a situation, Lucy Hale met Chris Zylka. Both of them met at the New Year’s Eve party. And after that, both of them were often seen together. One speciality of Hale is that she never talks about her relationship with the media.

4. Graham Rogers

The relationship with Chris Zylka did not last long and the two soon parted ways. Lucy Hale was still searching for her true love. In such a situation, Lucy Hale met Graham Rogers. And even during an interview, Lucy Hale had admitted that she is dating Graham Rogers. The two met in 2013.

5. Joel Crouse

After the breakup with Graham Rogers, it is now reported that Joel Crouse is being seen with Lucy Hale. And that’s why lucy hale broke up with Graham Rogers. But it is also true that at that time Joel Crouse was also dating Lucy Hale.

Joel Crouse with lucy hale
Image Credit: Just Jared

6. Adam Pitts, 2014 to 2015

Adam Pitts and lucy hale were together for almost a year. But this relationship also could not last long like other relationships.

Lucy Hale

7. Anthony Kalabretta

Anthony Kalabretta
Image Credit: Just Jared

To date, the relationships of lucy hale were able to last even for a year. In such a situation, Anthony Kalabretta entered the life of lucy hale. And both were together for almost 2 years. This was lucy hale’s longest relationship ever. But the sad thing is that this too ended after 2 years.

8. Riley Smith

After the breakup with Anthony Kalabretta, Riley Smith kissed Lucy Hale on Valentine’s Day 2018. And its photo also became very viral. But only after a few months it came to know that these two are no longer together.

Riley Smith

9. Ryan Rottman and Colton Underwood

After Riley Smith, Ryan Rottman and Colton Underwood have also dated Lucy Hale. But even these relationships did not last long.

Ryan Rottman

10. Skeet Ulrich

But in the end, Lucy Hale found his true love in the form of Skeet Ulrich. Skeet Ulrich is almost 20 years older than Lucy Hale. But you know age doesn’t matter in love. And till now both are together.

Lucy Hale has dated more than 10 boys in her life. But as you also know that no one knows when and where he will get his true love.