My Personal Experience with Apollo Tires

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I bought a new car for myself last year in 2022. The company used Apollo tires in the vehicle. I also read Apollo’s reviews and almost in India many people prefer Apollo tires. But after 1 month of buying the car, my tire got flat while parking. I was parking on the raw road and there were lots of sharp stones on there. Yes, there should be glass on the van because people had thrown garbage there.

The stone or glass in the side wall of the tire burst my tire and there was a big cut in it. The air in the tire went out at the same time. At first, I didn’t even know what happened. But when I went to get the tire punctured, the mechanic told me that the tire was burst. And you will have to get a new tire.

I was surprised that till now the vehicle has not covered even 2000 km and how could the tire burst? But then I thought that since the tire is still under warranty, the company will exchange it. And I got the spare tire fitted in the car. I have a Toyota Glanza car. And the company gave me MRF’s spare wheel. Although the car gets 16-inch tires, the spare wheel is 15-inch. This did not bother me much as I had to use this tire for only a few days. After that, I went to the nearest Toyota service center. By the way, I also bought the vehicle from this showroom. They kept my flat tire with them and told me that Apollo company people will check it and tell me whether I will get a new tire or not.

After a week, I got a call from Toyota that my tire would not be replaced as the tire was punctured due to my fault. I asked him if the tires are still under warranty and if the vehicle has run very less. But he didn’t listen to anything I said. Moreover, I neither received any call from Apollo nor was given any information about it.

So my experience with Apollo was nothing special. But later I had to buy Apollo tires again. Because all three tires were of Apollo and if I had bought tires from any other company, they would not have looked good. But now I have taken a vow that I will never buy Apollo tires again when I get all four tires of my vehicle replaced. When I bought the tire from the shop, the shopkeeper also told me that Apollo always does this. Chances are slim that Apollo will replace your tire. He advised me to buy Yokohama, MRF, and Michelin tires. Michelin tires are a bit expensive so I think Yokohama is a good option.

So if you too are thinking of buying new tires for your vehicle, then I would suggest you not buy Apollo tires. Well after that I have not faced any kind of problem. Till now my car has run around 12000 km and the tires are running fine. But my experience with them was not good. This is my own personal experience. Maybe Apollo has given good service to some people, so you can also read other people’s reviews and take a decision after that.