Is it safe to use the Social rebel website

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Today I got a call from a friend of mine. By the way, he is a friend from my school and I did not have any contact with him for many years. But he asked me for my number on Facebook and I gave him the number. After that, he told me on the phone and told me about the Social Rebel website. I was surprised that he called me so that I could create an account on Social Rebel and earn money.

He told me that till now he has earned about $4000 on the Social Rebel website and I am also obsessed with earning $4000 in a month. I just want to share the link to Social Rebel with my friends. We also created an account on Social Rebel and shared the link of Social Rebel with some friends, but when I transferred money to my PayPal account, even after waiting about 2 weeks, the money was not credited to PayPal. Well, this story is not mine but of one of our readers. He has informed us about this through comments.

Is Social Rebel a legit and safe website to make money in the US?

Both Social Rebel and Social DM are similar websites. May be the owner of Social Rebel and Social DM is the same. website is about 6 months old and Social DM website is also about 6 months old. Both the websites are not legit in Ace. You can’t expect $500 from a 6 month old website.

Whenever you open the Social Rebel website, you get something like this written there.


Enjoy a $50 Bonus Upon SignUp.

Get paid to invite friends, test out free apps and games, and more!

Our Members Average MONTHLY Pay $18,150!

Social Rebel believes that you can earn more than $ 18000 in a month. If so, then no one needs to do this job. And all the people will earn only on Social Rebel.

Let us see how Social Rebel works and how you can earn money here. To earn money on Social Rebel, first you have to click on the sign up option. Only then you can create an account here.

Here you have to enter your full name, your email address and password. And click on the sign up button. And now your account is ready. Plus you’ll also get a $50 bonus. But the verification will not be done. You can create an account with any mail. Even if you enter the wrong mail, your account is created. This also proves that Social Rebel is not a legit website. Yes I have also seen payment proofs in the website itself but do you think those payment proofs are true. I don’t think so.

In the Social Rebel Dashboard, now you have been told some such ways by which you can earn even more money and meet the target of $18,000 in a month.

I am going to tell about some social media platforms below where you can share the link to join Social Rebel and in return you will be given a bonus.

How to make money on Social Rebel?

  1. Facebook : $40
  2. Social Pay: $90
  3. Instagram: $30
  4. SnapChat: $90
  5. TikTok: $90
  6. YouTube: $40
  7. Twitter: $10

So in this way you can share the link on all these social media platforms and you are given rewards on every join. Yes I don’t think that bonus can reach your bank but still you can try and see. By the way, you also know that in today’s era nothing is free. So how can a 6 monthly old website give you $18,000 for free? And not only you, but millions of people in the US. I am absolutely sure that this is a scam website but if you want to use it once then I will not stop you.

Let’s talk about payment proof. Till now I have not seen payment proof of any user. Yes, the page of payment proof has been created in the Social Rebel website and pictures of some proofs have also been shared in it.

I have shared the picture of a payment proof above. But what is the guarantee that all these proofs are legal. Anyone can share such proof in their website. If someone shares payment proof on websites like Quora or Reddit, then I can assume that it is a legit website. But it is a pity that I have not seen a single real payment proof of Social Rebel till now.

I have read the reviews of Social Rebel on Quora and most of the people believe that Social Rebel is a scam. In ace, my advice to all of you is that do not waste your time on Social Rebel. Otherwise, if you have created an account on Social Rebel, then you can also share your experience with us through comments.


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