The IndusInd bank is offering more than 7.5% interest on fixed deposits

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The IndusInd bank is a leading Private Sector Bank in India. And today we will talk about whether you have to deposit in IndusInd bank FD or not. If you want to deposit money in an IndusInd bank Fixed Deposit then how much interest is IndusInd bank offering you? Is there any such bank that is giving more interest than IndusInd bank? In 2022, almost all banks have reduced fixed deposit (FD) interest rates. If you want a safe deposit and want to invest risk-free, then there is no better option than bank fixed deposit (FD) and RD. But the way all banks have reduced interest rates on FDs, investors are turning to mutual funds and the stock market.

As you also know along with profit in mutual funds and the stock market, the risk is also high. In such a situation, one who does not have much knowledge about the stock market, should not even invest in mutual funds and the stock market.

It is not that you should not invest in the stock market, you can invest in the stock market. If you do not take risks then you cannot earn much profit. But you should not invest all your money in stocks. You should manage money well. You should invest some money in equities, gold, and bonds. And you should also keep some money in the bank FD.

Today we will talk about some such banks which are giving good interest on fixed deposits even in 2022. First of all, let’s talk about IndusInd bank. The IndusInd bank is a leading private sector bank. And in 2022 also IndusInd bank is giving interest of up to 7.50% on fixed deposits to attract its customers.

Indusind Bank  Less than 2 Cr* (Domestic /NRO/NRE deposits)Less than 2 Cr* (Senior Citizen)
Not applicable for NRO deposits
TenureRate of Interest Rate of Interest
7 days to 14 days3.504.25
15 days to 30 days3.504.25
31 days to 45 days4.004.75
46 days to 60 days4.004.75
61 days to 90 days4.255.00
91 days to 120 days4.505.25
121 days to 180 days4.755.50
181 days to 210 days5.005.75
211 days to 269 days5.256.00
270 days or 354 days5.506.25
355 days or 364 days5.506.25
1 year to below 1 Year 6 Months6.257.00
1 Year 6 Months to below 1 Year 7 Months6.757.50
1 Year 7 Months to below 2 Years6.757.50
2 Years up to 2 Years 1 Month7.007.75
Above 2 Yrs 1 Month to below 2 yrs 6 Months6.757.50
2 years 6 Months to below 2 years 9 Months6.757.50
2 years 9 Months to below 3 years6.757.50
3 years to below 61 months6.757.50
61 months and above6.257.00
Indus Tax Saver Scheme (5 years)6.757.50
IndusInd Bank FD Interest Rates 2022

You can also open Tax Saver Fixed Deposit with IndusInd bank. The biggest advantage of Tax Saver Fixed Deposit is that TDS is not deducted on its interest. Suppose you want to get Interest at the rate of 7%, then you will be paid full interest.

Apart from IndusInd bank, there are some other banks that are giving good special interest on fixed depositors.

ICICI Bank is the second largest private sector bank in India. And ICICI Bank is offering an interest of 6.85% on Fixed Deposits. Yes, I know it is a little less than IndusInd Bank. But some people do not have an IndusInd Bank account. So if you have an account with ICICI Bank, then you can open a Fixed Deposit in ICICI Bank at a 6.85% interest rate.

RBI floating rate saving bond is also a good investment

Apart from fixed deposits, you can also invest in bonds. If you invest in Government Bonds, then it is a safe investment. Hence you can invest in floating-rate saving bonds. You get 7.15% interest in a floating-rate saving bond. And these bonds are issued by the Government of India, so the risk factor in it is also negligible.

You have to hold RBI floating rate saving bond for 7 years. The floating rate saving bond has a lock-in period of 7 years. And before 7 years you cannot withdraw your money. But your interest will be credited to your bank account twice a year.

If you want to invest for the long term then this bond is good for you. And even if you want regular income, you can invest in this bond. The interest amount is credited to your bank account every 6 months. If you do mix investment then you can earn good money. You should also not keep all the money in fixed deposits.

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