Unlockd.me Reviews । Is unlockd.me a legit or scam website?

Unlockd reviews
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Today I will share with you an honest review of Unlockd. Today you will know whether Unlockd is a legit website or it is a scam. Unlocked.me is a fan platform similar to OnlyFans. Or to be honest, it is an adult platform. Although Unlockd is an alternative to OnlyFans, Unlockd is not so popular yet. By the way, the number of Active Fans on Unlockd.me is shown to be around 3 million. But I don’t think there are more than 3 million active fans on Unlockd.

Unlocked is an almost 2-year-old website till now. In such a situation, if you cannot put too many expectations of unlocked. Why would anyone buy a subscription to a new website like Unlockd except OnlyFans? Yes, if Unlockd gave a free subscription, then I could have assumed that there can be 3 million fans on Unlockd. But Unlockd does not provide free services yet.

Unlockd Website Age

There are not many reviews of Unlockd available on the Internet as well. Yes, there are about 44 reviews of Unlockd on TrustPilot. But the website which is claiming that it has about 3 million active fans will have only 44 reviews. This can never happen. If we talk about OnlyFans, then OnlyFans has about 2,871 reviews on TrustPilot.

Unlockd.me Reviews

Now let’s talk about whether Unlockd is a scam or legit. Unlockd is a legit website. And on its behalf, it is providing good service to its users and creators. But till now people have not taken many subscriptions to Unlockd. That’s why I don’t think you will get to see much content on Unlockd. Unlike OnlyFans and Fansly, Unlockd is still far behind.

How can I earn money on Unlockd.me?

If you want to earn money on Unlockd then you have to create a creator account on Unlockd. You can create two types of accounts on Unlockd.

  • Fans Account
  • Creators Account

If you want to create an account to watch videos and photos on the app, then you have to create a Fans Account. But if you want to earn money then you have to create a creator’s account.

How to create a creator’s account in Unlockd?

Open Unlockd.me on your phone or Laptop

Unlockd Account

Click on Create Your Free Account!

Click on I Want To Be a Star.

Create Account Unlockd

If you want to create an account as a fan then you can click on Want To Be a Star.

After that, you have to enter your name, username, and password. In this way, your process of signing up will be completed.

Now you have to upload a selfie with one government ID and one ID proof.

ID proof

With this, you have to enter your real name and other necessary information. And click on the send button.

So this is how you can create a new creator’s account on Unlockd.me.

Your account will also be approved in 24 hours and after that, you can upload content and set your subscription fee. But doing just this will not start your earnings. You also have to promote your account. And with this, you should also create an account on Fansly and OnlyFans. You can also upload the same content on both of these platforms.

How to get followers on Unlockd?

If you do not have followers on Unlockd then you cannot even earn money. So first you have to promote your Unlocked account on social media. I will tell you about some such social media platforms where you can promote your account and get a lot of followers.

Promote Unlockd account on TikTok

TikTok is used by millions of people, so if you promote your account on TikTok, then you can get a lot of followers from there, which you can convert into subscriptions.

But promoting an adult platform on TikTok is not easy. If you promote an adult website or content on TikTok then your TikTok account can be permanently closed. You can use LinkTree to avoid the ban. You create a page on LinkTree and share the link of Unlockd.me there. And you can promote this page of LinkTree on TikTok or any other platform. Now the algorithm of TikTok will not be able to catch you.

Promote Unlockd account on Quora, Reddit, and Medium

Quora, Reddit, and Medium are where you can earn followers. Many questions are asked about Unlockd on Quora, which you can answer. And you can share the link of LinkTree in the answer. You can post articles about Unlockd on Medium. In this way, you can promote your Unlocked account.

Revenue Share of Unlockd

Unlockd gets you 85% of your earnings. 15% commission is of Unlocked. There is a $1.00 minimum processing fee per transaction. Like OnlyFans, Unlockd pays you every week. Your earnings are directly transferred to your bank account through a bank wire transfer.

Is Unlockd better than OnlyFans and Fansly?

Many platforms have been launched as seen by OnlyFans. OnlyFans has made a lot of progress in the Corona period. And there is no doubt that some Hollywood celebs are behind the growth of OnlyFans. A few years back, celebrities like Blac Chyna, Bella Thorne, Cardi B, Tyga, and many more created creator accounts on OnlyFans. After this, the fate of OnlyFans shone. 4 years ago today very few people knew about OnlyFans. And anyway, there are very few people who want to spend money on adult websites like OnlyFans.

But today Blac Chyna is earning $20 million every month from OnlyFans. And other celebs are also earning something similar. Right now Unlockd and Fansly cannot be compared with OnlyFans. But it may be that Unlockd also showed good growth in the next few years. But this can happen only when some celebrities create an account on Unlockd as well. Right now very few people know about Unlockd.

How to find someone on Unlockd with his name?

It’s not that hard to find anyone on Unlockd. You can search anyone by his name on Unlockd. In Unlockd, you can also select the location, which will make it even easier to find someone. But if you want to find someone without creating an account, then it will be a little difficult. Yes, there are many free online tools from where you can find the accounts of any Unlockd or other websites but there is no guarantee that these tools will work 100%.

Social Catfish

There is an online tool called Social Catfish. You don’t even need to create an account on this tool. Here you find and cover any Unlockd, OnlyFans, Fansly, and Tinder accounts. You can search anyone by his name, email, mobile number, and address.

Social Catfish


Unlockd is a legit website but at present, the website is only 2 years old. In such a situation, you cannot earn much money on Unlockd. Unlockd has fewer fans than OnlyFans. So if you are a creator and want to create an account on Unlockd to earn money, then with Unlockd you should also create an account on websites like OnlyFans and Fansly.

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