Why do we feel scared when we learn to drive a car?

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I am 32 years old. And I learned to drive a car only two years ago. And now in these two years, I have become a good driver. Yes, it is true that when I was learning to drive a car in a driving school, I used to think that would I be able to learn to drive a car. Can I do this? When your age is less than 20 years then you will not face much difficulty in learning to drive a car because at this time enthusiasm is in your blood and you are not afraid of anyone. But when you get married and have children, you are scared for your family. And with increasing age, the burden of responsibilities also falls on you.

Because of this very few people learn to drive a car after 40 and even if they learn to drive a car, they cannot become good drivers. When I held the steering for the first time, I had a feeling that I would never be able to learn how to drive a car. But as the days passed, my skills kept improving. And after about 1 month I was driving well. I did not have my car at that time. That’s why I didn’t drive a car for almost 1 year after leaving driving school. After 1 year I bought a new car for myself. But when I sat in the driver’s seat, I started feeling bad because I had practiced only for 1 month.

My uncle’s son also went with me to buy the car. Showroom people asked me to take out of the car. But as soon as I tried to push the car forward, the car stalled. And after that, I realized my mistake. We cannot drive a car properly unless we practice regularly. After that, my cousin took the car home. After that, I started practicing and my chairs also cousin me.

Initially, I used to drive the vehicle well in a straight line but when I had to back the vehicle, I used to face difficulties in this. Even if a vehicle used to come easily at some turn, I used to get scared. Also, I had bought a manual car so I did not like to change gears. Initially, I used to shift gears just by looking at the gears and I could not figure out where the 1st and 2nd gears were. By the way, you must be finding this thing funny. But I think initially many people face difficulty in gear shifting.

My house is in a hilly area and the roads here are also not very wide. So whenever there was an uphill climb, I was not able to down the gear, and many times even on a steep climb, the car stalled. By the way, now when I remember all this, I also laugh. But this is the truth. That’s why if you do not know how to drive and want to learn, then I would say that there is nothing to worry about. Any person can learn to drive a car at any age. This is not a very difficult task. But practice is very important. The more you practice, the better driver you will become.

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