Will IndusInd Bank go bankrupt like Yes Bank?

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NPA is always the reason for the bankruptcy of any bank. Whichever bank has more NPA, understand that the bank is on the verge of ruin. No bank is safe nowadays. Banks are giving loans to industrialists without any thought and they are not able to repay them. The example of Nirav Modi, Anil Ambani, and Vijay Mallya is in front of you. Both of them had taken loans from many banks but now they are unable to repay these loans.

So now let’s talk about whether your money is safe in IndusInd Bank or not. S. P. Hinduja is the founder of IndusInd Bank. And S. P. Hinduja is the owner of the Hinduja Company. If we talk about the income of Indusind Bank in the quarter of SEP 2022, then in SEP 2022 the bank earned approximately INR 10,719.20 crores and out of this, the bank has earned a profit of about 1,805.28 crores.

IndusInd Bank Balance Sheet

So right now IndusInd Bank is earning well and there is no doubt about it. Yes Bank is still fighting for its existence and the trust of the customers has also been exhausted from Yes Bank. But this is not the case with IndusInd Bank. IndusInd Bank is also offering more interest on fixed deposits than all banks and the bank is also getting the benefit of this.

The gross NPA was at 2.11 percent of gross advances as on September 30, 2022. An NPA of 2.11 percent is not very much. And that’s why I think IndusInd Bank is stable for now. But still, you should not keep all the money in only one bank. You can save money in more than 1 bank. And you should also open an account in a public sector bank like SBI. Most of the shares of SBI are with the Government of India, hence it is also considered a safe bank.

Yes Bank was also a very big name but now people are facing problems in withdrawing their own money. Therefore, you should also take a decision after thinking carefully. If we talk about the shares of banks, then the shares of public sector banks are not doing anything special. But the shares of some private sector banks have been performing well for the past decade.

Yes, you can also invest in IndusInd Bank shares and IndusInd Bank shares can also give you good returns. But if you want to invest for the long term then you can invest in shares of ICICI Banks and HDFC Bank. Apart from this, SBI is also performing well in Public Sector Banks. Among the public sector banks, SBI is the only bank whose shares are performing well.