Windows 10 disk management – create Partition on Windows 10

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Through this article, today I will tell you how you can do Windows 10 disk management. If you are doing this for the first time then you may have to face a problem. That’s why I would tell you that follow all the steps that I will tell you. And in this way, you can easily partition your hard drive in Windows 10. We have shared the screenshot of each step, so you will not face any kind of problem.

First of all, go to your start menu.

Click on “File Explorer”.

Right-click on “This PC”. and then choose the “Manage” option.

Now the computer management window will open in front of you.

Click on “Storage” and then choose the “Disk Management” option.

Now you will see all those drives that you created when you installed Windows 10 on your computer. Only one device has been created on my computer which is visible with the name “C”. So now we will partition the C drive and create a new drive named “E” from it.

Right-click on the “C” drive. Then choose the “Shrink Volume” option.

It will take some time so you will have to wait for a while.

In the first option, you will be shown the total size of the disk. Like in my case the size of my disk is 60 GB. And now I will create a new drive named “E” of 5 GB. You can also create a drive of more or less than this.

Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB: 5000 MB

And now click on the: “Shrink” option.

Now a disk of 5 GB will be created in the name of unallocated memory. Now you can convert this memory into Disk E or any other name.

Right-click on the Unallocated memory option.

Then choose the “New Simple Volume” option.

Now a page with the name of New Simple Wizard will open in front of you. Click on the “Next” option.

Click on “Next”.

You can choose any letter for the new drive. By default, I am getting the letter E-show. But you can also change it.

Then click on “Next”.

Now you will select these options:

File System: NTFS

Allocation Unit Size: Default

Volume Lable: (any name you like)

Click on the “Next” Option.

Click on the Finish button.

Now you have to wait for a while. And after that, you will see the new disk that you have created here. I am sharing the screenshot in which you can see that we have created a new disc named E and now it is showing here.

Now you can check whether the new drive has been created or not by going to Computer Management or My Computer.

So in this way you can do disk management. If you have done disk management and you are not happy with it then you can also delete it.

How to delete disk partition in windows 10

Go to computer management

Then click on Storage and choose Disk Management.

Now you have to right-click on the partition which you want to delete.

Then click on the “Delete Volume” option. But if you have saved data in that drive then you should transfer it to another drive. If you delete this drive then the data will also be deleted.

So in this way you can also permanently delete any new drive in Windows 10. Whenever you install Windows 10 on your computer, the option of Disk Management appears. But if you skip it, you can do Disk Management in Windows 10 even after installing Windows. Information about this has also been given on You can also get its information from the official website of Microsoft.

Can I do Disk Management after windows are installed?

All the steps that I have mentioned above have been mentioned so that if you have not done disk management while installing Windows, then you can do it later. So yes, after installing Windows 10, Disk Management can be done. You can create as many new partitions as you want and can also delete them.

So hope you have got complete information about Windows 10 disk management. We have tried to provide complete information from our side. But if still you are facing any problems in doing disk management in Windows 10, then you can tell us through comments. We will try to assist you in every way.

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