Wrap your doorknob in aluminum foil when you are alone?

foil paper doorknob aliens
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Looks like you are scared or surprised after seeing the title. There is nothing to fear. Nowadays a message is going viral on social media like Facebook and Reddit that why should you wrap your doorknob with aluminum foil whenever you are alone at home? But it has not been told in this viral message what will happen after it. Many people are curious to know what will happen if they wrap their doorknobs with some aluminum foil.

That’s why many people are searching for it on the internet. And the aluminum foil topic is trending nowadays. So by the way, let me tell you that people are also telling about its related to aliens. Many years ago, when we were also children, a rumor was heard that aliens were in the city and living in different forms. In such a situation, aliens can read the mind of any human. And to avoid this, you have to wrap tin foil around your head so that the aliens will not be able to read your mind. But then we or you were left and used to believing these things. But now we have grown up and we also know that this was just a rumor.

aluminium foil on head to preven aliens
Aluminum Foil on Head

By the way, aluminum foil is used for many purposes. But if you talk about the doorknob, then the foil paper on the doorknob is wrapped when a painter paints your house or door. Then, so that the paint does not go on your doorknob, he wraps the doorknob with foil paper or newspaper.

I don’t see any truth in the story of aliens. For years, this debate has been going on about whether there are aliens or not. Some people also believe that aliens have to sit with the US government. And they keep coming and going on earth. We have also seen many viral videos about UFOs. But no video has been able to prove that there are aliens in real life too. And especially Hollywood films have also put in our minds that aliens exist and are more dangerous than humans.

Alumium foil on doorknob

And this viral message in which you have been told to wrap the doorknob is nothing but a clickbait that has gone viral without any reason. Sometimes this happens and we get scared of it. We should not pay much attention to such things.

There is a place in the US named Area 51 where there is an airbase of the US Army. But most people believe that this is the place where aliens keep coming. But no one has been able to prove this thing yet. In such a situation, it seems only speculation. And anyway, it is forbidden for any civilian to go to this area. And to date, no news channel reporter has also entered.

There is another reason that is being told that if you wrap aluminum foil on your doorknob and you are alone at home and a thief tries to enter your house, then first he will be shocked after seeing the foil and there is a 50% chance That he might be afraid. And if he tries to open the door, you can hear the sound of foil inside. Some people have also given this reason on the Internet. But it is better that you install CCTV cameras throughout the house or office so that your security increases manifold.

Apart from this, you can also keep this dog. Yes, the dog can also be a good option. This will also remove your loneliness and it will also protect your home. It has been seen that thieves shy away from stealing in houses with dogs. The biggest reason for this is that whenever thieves try to enter your four, your pet will start barking at them so that the people around will come to know. And they will be shocked. And anyway, if you keep any dangerous dog, then it will not allow thieves to enter inside.

Anyway, the eyes of the world are on the war between Ukraine and Russia. In such a situation, you should pray that this war should end as soon as possible and this massacre will stop. It has been 12 days since the war started and thousands of lives have been lost in it. So in such a situation, we all should pray together that this war should end as soon as possible and there should be happiness again in the world.

But now this question is trending at a different level. I don’t think anyone can give an exact answer to this question. Because there is no one right answer to this. But still, this question has settled in the minds of the people and till they do not get the answer, they will not sit still.

By the way, aluminum foil has many uses. But some people also believe that if you wrap aluminum foil on your head, then aliens will not be able to read your mind. This will sound absurd to hear but it is true. But many people believe in this. Below I am also sharing a photo in which people have wrapped aluminum foil on their heads.

Aluminum Foil on Head

Who and how spread the rumor about aluminum foil?

A user on Twitter has spread the idea of wrapping aluminum foil on the doorknob. By the way, it is not yet known who first made this question about aluminum foil viral. But people liked this question very much and shared their views. Although this question was only clickbait, people started discussing it and seeing people start sharing this question. And even today people want to know why you should wrap your doorknob with aluminum foil when you are alone at home. And I don’t think anyone has the right answer to this question.

What is aluminum foil used for?

If we talk about the doorknob, then there are two reasons why you can wrap aluminum foil on the doorknob. About the first reason, I told you earlier that if you want to get your house painted then you have to cover your doorknobs and for this most person use newspapers but if you do not have a newspaper at home then you can use aluminum foil.

Apart from this, when you are alone at home, you can wrap aluminum foil on your doorknob with light hands. You know that aluminum foil makes noise. So if someone tries to open your door, then inside you will hear its sound and you will know about it.

What is the relation between aluminum foil and rubber bands?

Some people are even asking to put rubber bands on the doorknob. But there is a reason behind it. A few years ago, this news was going on a lot on news channels, a couple had gone out of the house to have dinner. But when both of them returned home late at night, they saw that there was a rubber band on their doorknob. In such a situation, both of them suspected that someone had tampered with the house. Both of them cautiously called 911 before going inside. And the police refused them inside. When the police went inside and saw, most of them were blown away.

Three thieves were hiding inside and they also had weapons in their hands. The police arrested them and after that, this rubber band thing spread everywhere about how thieves are using rubber bands to execute the crime of theft. That is why it is said that if you see a rubber band on your doorknob, then call the police immediately.

Along with this, nowadays another question is going viral on Twitter. That too is such a stupid question.

Is a drawer a door?

Do you know the answer? If so, please do let me know through the comments. Because I too have been thinking for a long time about whether a door can be a drawer.


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