Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share price target 2022, 2023, 2025 and 2030


Today I will predict the share price target of Zeel (Zee Entertainment Enterprises) share for 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030. A lot of retail investors want to know about Zeel (Zee Entertainment) stock. And the main reason for this is that Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share has given good return in the last few days. And the share price is also very low. And you know that many retail investors see that if the price of a stock is low, then it should be bought. But nowadays retail investors have also become cautious. Now investors collect complete data about the stock as they read the article. Check the balance sheet and then take a decision.

ZEEL Share Price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, And 2030

So today I will tell you whether you should invest in Zeel (Zee Entertainment Enterprises) share now or not. And with this I will also tell you about the price target of Zeel (Zee Entertainment Enterprises) share. But as you also know that price prediction is not always correct. Sometimes the targets also prove to be wrong. So we always have to keep an eye on the share price. So let us know whether you should invest in Zeel’s stock or not.

Zeel (Zee Entertainment Enterprises) company financial status report

Let us see what the experts have about Zeel (Zee Entertainment Enterprises) Share.

So you must have seen in the screenshot that experts also believe that you should invest in Zeel stock. Only 2 out of 23 experts believe that you should sell shares and book profits. So if we believe the experts, then it seems that you should invest in this stock now.

If we talk about profit, then the company is also earning good profit. I am sharing a screenshot below, so you can see for yourself that the profit of the company is also increasing. The company has earned good profit in 2021 as compared to 2020.

Total Profit after tax JUN 2021213.74 Cr.
Total Profit after tax MAR 2021275.73 Cr.
Total Profit after tax DEC 2020399.91 Cr.
Total Profit after tax SEP 202094.07 Cr.
Total Profit after tax JUN 202030.37 Cr.

Total Income of Zeel in June 2021: 1,808.56 Crore INR

Tota Expenses in June 2021: 1,503.39 Crore INR

Profit after taxes in June 2021: 213.74 Crore INR

So in the quarter of June 2021, the company has earned a good profit. But if you look at the performance of Zee Entertainment shares, then you will come to know that in 2018, the share price had seen a lot of fall. And since then till 2021, there has been a continuous decline in the share price. Yes, there was a boom in the stock in 2021. But if the company’s financial report is seen, then it is so bad too. And according to this the share is not able to pay.

Total Assets in 2021: 12,818.70 Crore INR

Total Liabilities: 2,711.20 Crore INR

Total AssetsTotal LiabilitiesTotal Equity
FY 2021: 12,818.70 CR.2,711.2010,107.50
FY 2020: 12,373.70 Cr.2,721.309,354.90
FY 2019: 12,933.00 Cr.3,253.908,938.20
FY 2018: 11,129.70 Cr.2,409.507,575.90

So you can see that Zee Entertainment company has very less debt than the assets. And the way the company is making profits, in the coming days, the company can also become debt free. So as far as I am aware, you can invest in Zee Entertainment stock for long term. But if you want to invest in such stocks which will give you consistent good returns. Then Zee Entertainment stock is not for you. If you do invites in Zee Entertainment then you have to be patient. And have to wait when the share price will rise. By the way, Zee Entertainment stock has given a return of about 49.81% in the last one month. And it is a good thing that the stock price is seeing a boom.

Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share price target 2022

So it was told earlier also that Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share may not give you much returns in the short term. If you hold this stock for long term then you can expect good returns. Zee Entertainment Enterprises is a media company. And most of the media companies have not given good money. But it is not that media companies are not making profit. Media companies are earning good profits but the shares are not getting that much enthusiasm yet. so the next share price target for Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share in 2022 is 300 INR. yes in 2022 Zeel share can hit 300 INR target easily.

Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share price target 2023 and 2025

From 2023 to 2025, there is a lot of expectation from the stock that the stock will perform well and break its all time high record which is 726 INR and set a new record. But to do this it is necessary that the profit of Zeel (Zee Entertainment) company should increase every quarter and its debt should also decrease. If the company becomes debt free, then the share price can see a lot of jump. so the next price target for Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share in 2023 is 380 INR. and in 2025 Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share can hit 500 INR. And as I have said earlier that if the quarterly results are good, then the share price can cross the all-time high.

Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share price target 2030

As I always tell all my readers that if you are a trader then you can trade in any stock. But if you are a long term investor then you have to choose stocks very carefully. Sometimes we are proved wrong too but that is why we should add at least 20 stocks to our portfolio so that the risk factor is very low. Zeel (Zee Entertainment) is also one such stock which you can hold for long term and earn good profits in long term. so the next target for Zeel share in 2030 is 1500 INR.

Promoters in Zeel

So as you must have seen that promoters have very few shares and FII and mutual funds have invested a lot in this company. Essel Group has the highest number of shares in the company, so we can say that Essel Group has the ownership of the company. Mutual funds have also expressed their displeasure on Zeel. This means that they also believe that the company can give good returns in future.

Some FAQ’s about ZEEL

Should we invest in Zeel for long term?

Many investors want to know whether we should invest in Zeel for long term or not. So let me tell you that Zeel is a fundamentally strong company. And you can also invest in this company for long term like till 2030.

Is zeel in nifty 50?

No, Zeel is not a part of Nifty 50 yet. But if the company performs well, then the company can make a place in Nifty 50.

Is it a good idea to invest in Zeel?

If you want to hold the stock for long term then this is a good idea. But in short term like 1 year you cannot expect good returns.

Conclusion: So after reading this, you must have come to know whether you want to invest in Zeel (Zee Entertainment) share or not. We have also tried to tell about the share price target of Zeel (Zee Entertainment). But I would like to say that price prediction is not always correct. Anything can happen in the stock market at any time. So in such a situation, you should also keep an eye on the share price and financial report yourself.



  1. I don’t see anything special in Zeel. And how far are the price targets accurate anyway.Zeel hasn’t delivered any special returns yet. Yes, sharing in fear can do well. But I don’t have high hopes from Zeel. I have sold all the shares today for 50,000 losses.

    1. You should have hold the stocks now. Right now the stock has gone up. The stock can give good returns in the coming one year.

  2. I just read your article today. And you have told very good information about Zeel (Zee Entertainment). After reading this, I have invested 10,000 rupees in Zeel (Zee Entertainment) today itself. And I am planning to hold these shares till 2030.

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