Zen Technologies (ZENTEC) share price target for 2022, 2023, 2025 and 2030 | Price Forecast

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Today I will predict the share price target of Zen Technologies (ZENTEC) for 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030. Zen Tech’s current price is 186.05 INR. And today the upper circuit is being seen in the Zen Technologies Limited share price. On 23 August 2021, the share price was close to 80 INR and within a few days, the share price has reached from 80 INR to 186.05 INR. The stock has not performed much in the last five years, but for the last month, the stock has been seeing a continuous upper circuit. In such a situation, many retail investors ask to know about this stock whether we should invest in this stock or not.

Before investing in any stock, there should be complete information about it. We should know whether the company is making a profit or not. For this, we should check the balance sheet and financial report of the company. So now we will see whether Zen Technologies company is earning profit or not. And it will also try to know why there is so much jump in the share price.

So let me tell you that Zen Technologies (ZENTEC) is a fundamentally strong company. And the company is also earning good profit. In such a situation, this stock is right for long-term investment.

Yes, there is a decrease in the profit of the company in June 2021. And the company has been in Loss in 2021. And this is a small-cap company. So in small-cap companies, both risk factors and return are always high.

Total Income in June 2021: 10.71 Cr.

Profit after Tax (PAT) : -1.14 Cr.

So you can see that in June 2021 the company got 1.14 Cr. has incurred a loss. Yes, the loss is not much. Earlier the company was earning a good profit every quarter.

The balance sheet of Zen Tech

Total Assets in the financial year 2021: 223.32 Crore INR

Total Liabilities: 12.66 Cr.

The debt on the company is very less. And the debt on the company is only 12 crores. And in this way, it is a debt-free company only. The assets of the company are much less than the debt. and this is a good sign for long-term investors.

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Zen Technologies share price target for 2022

As I have told you earlier that the company is good and there is no shortage in the company. The company is making a good profit. But there is one thing which I want to tell you. The company is too small. It is a small-cap company. And it is more in small-cap companies. If there is a rise in the share price today, then after a few days there may be a recession.

So the next target for Zen Technologies’ share in 2022 is 220 INR. 220 can be easily reached but if investors book their profit then the share price can also see a fall. And I think you should not invest in shares right now. And you should wait for the correction in the price of the Zen Technologies share and if the share price reaches 140 then you can invest in the share.

Zen Technologies share price target for 2023

As far as I am feeling that there is a decrease in profits due to COVID. And by 2023, the whole country will get the corona vaccine. And the cases of corona will also decrease. So in such a situation, the company can earn a good profit in 2023. And in 2023, the stock price can see a rise again.

So the next share price target for Zen Technologies in 2023 is 280 INR. Zen Technologies is a company and the company’s business is also good, so the share price of the company can reach 280 INR.

Zen Technologies share price target for 2025

The company can give you good returns by 2025. And that’s why you should hold the stock for the long term. The more shares you can hold, the more profit you can make. so the next target for Zen Technologies at the end of 2025 is 400 INR. Price can be more or less. As I tell in every article that price prediction is not always correct. And don’t trust any prediction with your eyes closed. You should also know about the company yourself. And only after that, a decision should be taken. And you must add at least 10 stocks to your portfolio. So that the risk factor can be reduced.

Yes, Zen Technologies is a good company and you can invest in this stock. But the share price is still very high. And the upper circuit is also being seen continuously in the share price. In such a situation, you can wait for a while and after that, you can invest in the stock.

Promoters Holding in Zen Tech: 60.19%

Others (Public): 39.81%

The good thing about Zen Technologies is that the promoters have not sold their shares. This means that the promoters have faith in the company and the promoters want the company to grow.

If we talk about dividends, then the company does not give much dividends. So if you want to invest in stocks for dividends then don’t.

The company is giving good returns. If you have invested in the shares of this company and have earned a good profit, then you can also book profit now. If you are a retail investor then you can sell 50% or less of your shares and invest the remaining 50% shares for the long term.

So in this way, I have tried to give complete information about the share of Zen Tech company in this article. And now you must have understood whether you should invest in this dream or not. And if you should invest, then who is the right time for it.

If still any information is lost. And if you want to know about Shree then you can talk to us through comments. We will try our best to answer your questions.


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